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Envi Lodges unveils stunning Envi Al Nakheel in Al Ahsa Oasis

Article-Envi Lodges unveils stunning Envi Al Nakheel in Al Ahsa Oasis

Scenic sustainable development Envi Al Nakheel Envi Lodges Al Ahsa Oasis Saudi Arabia
Envi Lodges unveils sustainable eco-lodge, Envi Al Nakheel, in Saudi Arabia's Al Ahsa Oasis, offering a nature-inspired experience at a UNESCO site

Luxury eco-lodge management company, Envi Lodges, has provided a sneak peek of its upcoming property, Envi Al Nakheel, a sustainable lodge situated in Saudi Arabia's Al Ahsa Oasis, a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Opening in the coming year, Envi Al Nakheel will stand in a traditional date palm farm and feature 25 eco-lodging pods with one and two bedrooms. The property will also include an arrival pavilion, a farm-to-table dining concept, a café, a wellness sanctuary, a kids' club, a swimming pool, and exclusive experiences unique to the location.


The preview images of the lodge showcase an impressive and sustainable design approach. Fractal Architects, based in Thailand, has designed the pods and guest facilities to blend with the farm and the landscape.

Fractal Architects has adopted a "plant-based architecture" approach. This takes inspiration from the patterns found in the trunk, fronds, and leaves of date palms. So, the buildings mimic the upward and outward growth of trees. Additionally, the design incorporates mud and straw, embracing the region's traditional mudbrick architecture. This will result in a textured finish with earthy tones.

Also, the award-winning interior design firm, Kristina Zanic Consultants, has crafted interiors that draw inspiration from the natural setting and architectural heritage of the Al Ahsa region.


The interior design aims to create a strong sense of place, reflecting the location in every aspect of the design. The concept captures the essence of gathering "under the palms," representing the custom of socialising in the cool shade of trees.


Envi Lodges' commitment to sustainability ensures that each eco-lodge meets high standards. To do so, the architecture and interiors will use sustainable building practices and organic materials. Materials found in Al Ahsa, such as palm leaves, bark, straw, and local paints and finishes, are being used wherever possible.


Nöelle Homsy, Co-Founder of Envi Lodges, expressed the company's dedication to sustainability. She expresses the importance of using local and sustainable materials that reduce harm to the environment. The launch of this project aligns with Saudi Arabia's vision for responsible tourism, promoting a new way of travel that prioritizes wildlife conservation, resource management, and support for local communities. So, the project is forward-thinking and innovative, and one that Nöelle praises.


The design reveal of Envi Al Nakheel follows the recent announcement of a financing agreement between Saudi Arabia's Tourism Development Fund (TDF) and Golden Frond Hotel Services Company. The project, developed by a subsidiary of the Afyaa Group, marks the first collaboration between the TDF and the private sector for a luxury eco-lodge in Saudi Arabia.

This collaboration means that quick progress is being made with construction permits already granted. So this demonstrates the collective commitment to sustainable tourism development in line with Saudi Arabia's National Tourism Strategy and Vision 2030 plan.


Al Ahsa is one of the ten destinations marked for tourism development. It has archaeological significance, dating back to the Neolithic era. For this reason, it is the first site in the region listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Envi Al Nakheel will be part of a group of eco-lodges in Al Ahsa, each offering a distinct environment and concept. Visitors will have the opportunity to explore multiple locations within driving distance of one another, immersing themselves in the unique beauty of the region.

So, with its attractive and scenic location, this sustainably driven project from Envi Lodges will have an exciting charm at the heart of a UNESCO World Heritage site.

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