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Eco-friendly warehouses in Ajman nabs LEED gold certification

Article-Eco-friendly warehouses in Ajman nabs LEED gold certification

Ajman industrial port
Ajman Free Zone (AFZ) eco-friendly zone warehouses has received the highly coveted gold certification, LEED, for making sustainability its key priority

From state-of-the-art technology to reduce electricity to aggressively minimising its carbon emissions, Ajman Free Zone’s (AFZ) warehouses has been awarded LEED gold certification.

The LEED rating system created by the US Green Building Council is awarded based on several criteria including analysing the overall energy consumed, construction methods, and material and other sustainable elements used in design and construction.

Ajman Free Zone


Till date, the warehouses in AFZ have been able to make fast strides in the sustainable development mission, including achieving more than 33% reduction in annual energy costs, 100% reduction in total irrigation water consumption, and more than 40% reduction in annual water usage through efficient water fixtures.


Besides eco-friendly materials for construction, over 20% of total materials used have recycled content, and more than 20% of the total material has also been procured regionally. In addition, Solar PV panels have been installed on the roof of all buildings for onsite energy generation and to reduce dependency on the grid.

While smart technology and efficient mechanical systems have been used in the buildings to provide an improved Indoor Environment Quality (IEQ). The warehouses use of albedo materials for roofing, pavements, and car parking shades, has also contributed to a reduction of the heat island effect.

H.E. Eng. Ali AlSuwaidi, Director General, AFZ, said: “We are immensely proud to have secured the LEED gold certification. This achievement is more than just implementing sustainable practices. As part of our sustainable development strategy, we use advanced state-of-the-art tools at our warehouses which are specially designed to reduce electricity consumption, minimise carbon emission, and allow the implementation of the best sustainable practices to provide better working environment for the people and improved air quality.”


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