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Women in Real Estate

Women Building Green: Pioneering Sustainable Development in MENA

Article-Women Building Green: Pioneering Sustainable Development in MENA

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The MENA region stands at a crossroads, balancing development with environmental responsibility. Thankfully, a surge of women champions is leading the charge towards a greener future. Explores diverse contributions and showcases inspiring initiatives across the region, highlighting how their efforts dovetail with a growing regional focus on sustainability and Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles.

Building a greener future

Across the MENA region, a wave of change is rising, driven by diverse women leaders who are weaving a tapestry of sustainable development. This movement gains momentum as businesses, governments, and investors increasingly prioritize environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors in their decisions, as highlighted by a 2021 Knight Frank survey. Climate change poses a significant threat to the region, with rising temperatures and sea levels. Aware of this urgency, architects are championing energy-efficient buildings in line with governmental regulations that encourage sustainable practices. Engineers are developing groundbreaking renewable energy solutions, contributing to the global push for decarbonization.

  • Mission Zero: This children's book by Naz and Nabil empowers young minds about climate change and sustainable living, highlighting the crucial role of education in shaping future generations of eco-conscious individuals.
    • Farah Naz: An award-winning climate change strategist with extensive experience, she authored the UAE's first book on net zero, "The NetZero City Book," and spearheads sustainable city initiatives for AECOM.
    • Nahla Nabil: A sustainability expert, she has championed numerous initiatives, including the region's first carbon-accredited project.
  • ESG-driven urban development: Bahrain prioritizes ESG factors in its urban development strategy, attracting responsible investments, environmental conservation efforts (renewable energy, waste management, sustainable urban planning), and social inclusivity (affordable housing, healthcare, education). This emphasis on ESG aligns perfectly with the broader regional shift towards more sustainable development practices.
    • Fay Abdulla Al Khalifa: President of Bahrain Smart City Society, she advocates for sustainable cities and shares valuable insights through interviews and discussions.
  • Eng. Aya Nafi, Architect: A Qatari architect and urban planner, she emphasizes sustainability in design, citing Zaha Hadid as an inspiration, and encourages aspiring female architects to pursue their goals.

The importance of highlighting these sustainable achievements

  • Showcase the critical role women play in building a greener MENA.
  • Empower others to get involved, regardless of their field or background.
  • Emphasize the importance of gender equality in tackling complex global challenges like climate change.
  • Promote educational programs like "Mission Zero" to inspire future generations.
  • Remember, every action, big or small, can contribute to a brighter tomorrow.

Showcasing these efforts can lead the charge towards a greener MENA. Their efforts resonate with the growing emphasis on sustainability and ESG principles across the region, creating a powerful synergy for positive change. By learning from their initiatives and joining the movement, we can collectively build a more sustainable future for the region and the world.

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