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Yas Island to get boost with Aldar's Sustainable City

Article-Yas Island to get boost with Aldar's Sustainable City

Yas Island to get boost with Aldar's Sustainable City
The Sustainable City – Yas Island offers an environmentally conscious and sustainable city development aimed at the rising demand for eco-friendly housing alternatives.

Aldar Properties has partnered with Diamond Developers to create a completely sustainable community on Yas Island. The companies see the opportunity as a great way to leverage the rising demand for eco-friendly housing options.

The hundreds of townhouses and condos in The Sustainable City – Yas Island will be powered only by renewable energy. Biodomes and solar panels will also be fitted on the properties, while battery-powered community vehicles will offer environmentally aware travel options.


The development will include a range of shared facilities and amenities. These include a gym with many pools, an equestrian centre with stables, two arenas, and a track. On top of this, sports courts, places to eat, a nursery, a center for autism, and an environmentally friendly mosque all add to the many available facilities and amenities.

Spread across ten groups of residential units, the project will be built in stages. But the project’s first stage will go on the market on the 19th of January 2023. This first stage includes 240 townhouses and 272 condos.


A central green spine that extends the length of the neighbourhood serves as the foundation for the project. This includes biodomes, lakes, and parks where vegetables will be grown and provided to residents.

According to the Emirati developer, the project will have a network of shared battery-powered buggies and bikes. This will help to provide a low-emission environment with cars being parked along the project’s outskirts. A similar approach is also seen at Expo City in Dubai.

Aldar’s partnership with Diamond Developers Also fits nicely with this sustainable approach. Diamond Developers are experts in building and running sustainable cities. They also advocate for a low-carbon sustainable future and will help bring the community to life.

Increasing walkability and accessibility at all levels are key parts of the sustainable vision that the community's design concept has. Open green areas, many paths, and community farming areas also support this and are also likely to cut the project's energy usage in half.

These features show Aldar's dedication to providing a wide range of stand-out and innovative living environments

Overall, The Sustainable City – Yas Island reflects the strong demand for a more environmentally friendly way of life. Most notably, a focus on a more natural life that’s energy efficient, has low carbon emissions and uses a circular economy are the important parts here.

Photo Credit: Aldar
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