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Revealed: Saudi Arabia’s new NEOM luxury island destination

Article-Revealed: Saudi Arabia’s new NEOM luxury island destination

Sindalah - A luxury island destination in the Red Sea
Saudi Arabia’s new luxury island is set to provide a high-end hospitality experience in a strategic location as a gateway to the flagship NEOM project via the Red Sea

According to the state-run Saudi Press Agency (SPA), Saudi Crown Prince and Prime Minister Mohammed bin Salman announced the opening of Sindalah. This will be Saudi Arabia's first luxury island and yacht club destination and is part of the $500 billion NEOM project. The variety of experiences offered on the island will offer a high-end atmosphere. Alongside the high-end hotels and a sizable marina, the resort will have a beach club, yacht club, spa, and wellness centre. But it will also host 51 upscale shopping outlets.


Sindalah will host three magnificent hotels, providing 413 rooms. These will consist of 333 serviced apartments and 88 villas. These luxury hotels will host a stand-out hospitality experience, offer exquisite food, and provide a selection of expertly curated events. So, no matter the time of day or night, the island will offer a world-class experience surrounded by stunning scenery.


Sindalah's location in the Red Sea makes it an ideal destination for the global yachting community. The island will feature an 86-berth marina and 75 extra offshore buoys for superyachts, making the island well-equipped for the yachting community. Equally, the island is in a convenient location that is only 17 hours away from Europe and the Mediterranean by boat. This will therefore provide convenient access for Saudi, GCC, and European boat owners to NEOM via the Red Sea.


The 840,000 square metre island offers a thrilling experience for affluent guests from all over the world. Premium cultural events, heart-pounding sporting events, and glitzy social gatherings will all be part of what the island has to offer.

A diverse range of culinary experiences is also on offer. These include 9 fine dining restaurants and 9 premium casual restaurants along with 38 distinct culinary offerings and yacht dining.


Sindalah will be a technologically advanced resort that fuses new-age luxury with a laid-back island style. Sophisticated technologies and high-end architecture will be infused with the likes of solar-responsive kinetic roofing, rock pillars that interact with the human touch, and 3D cast crystal glass.

Equally, the island will encompass an environmentally friendly paradise that has been thoughtfully developed. Luca Dini, one of the top architects in the world, is at the forefront of the island's vision that is on the cutting edge of contemporary design. Luca’s thorough knowledge of the yachting industry also gives him the upper hand in crafting a stand-out design and architectural masterpiece for the island.


The island will be one of many stand-out locations within the NEOM project and is expected to be up and running by December 2023. Its environment is however a stark contrast to the likes of the mountainous and snowy ski resort, Trojena which is also part of the NEOM project. So, this just goes to show the vast range of experiences across all types of environments that the flagship Saudi Arabian project will offer.

Photo Credit: NEOM
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