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NEOM unveils Siranna: a luxurious coastal escape

Article-NEOM unveils Siranna: a luxurious coastal escape

NEOM Siranna NEOM exclusive tourism escape on the Gulf of Aqaba
NEOM reveals Siranna, a luxury coastal retreat in Saudi Arabia, blending innovation with nature, and offering unique amenities and sustainability.

NEOM's Board of Directors recently announced Siranna, a unique tourism escape. It is the newest addition to the sustainable regional development in northwest Saudi Arabia.


Siranna offers a luxurious destination on the Gulf of Aqaba. It has a 65-room hotel and 35 exclusive homes with stunning views of the Red Sea. It's where elegance and innovation come together as one of many standout NEOM projects.


The latest project from NEOM has tiers and hexagonal pillars that rise from the coastal terrain. It provides varied and captivating views. Guests can reach it by water transport to a secluded bay. They take a scenic journey through natural rock formations before reaching the enchanting entrance.


Siranna aims to inspire creativity and relaxation. It lets residents and visitors escape daily noise. The goal is to create a stylish space for like-minded people to gather.


The location has a unique beach club, high-end spas, and wellness spots for ultimate relaxation. There are also trails for walking or horseback riding to connect with the landscape where the sea, mountain, and wadi meet. Guests can enjoy fancy dining and entertainment too. 


The development emphasises minimal intervention in nature. They will use thoughtful techniques to keep the surrounding landscape intact, respecting local heritage, and blending with the nearby mountain and wadi.


Siranna shows NEOM's strong commitment to creating sustainable and creative spaces. It proves NEOM's dedication to offering luxury hospitality experiences while also caring for the environment.


The project will have sustainability at its core, aligning with NEOM's commitment to sustainable tourism and conservation. In particular, the sustainable approach will complement the coastal location. This pairs well alongside NEOM's other sustainable destinations in the Gulf of Aqaba, Leyja and Epicon.

In unveiling Siranna, NEOM continues its mission to redefine luxury. It offers an escape where nature, innovation, and luxury harmoniously converge.

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