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Key factors driving transparency in the real estate industry across the globe

Article-Key factors driving transparency in the real estate industry across the globe

RE index
Global Transparency Index published by JLL shows the key factors driving transparency in the real estate industry and how the pandemic is accelerating proptech

Global Real Estate Transparency Index published by JLL reveals heightened expectations from investors, business and consumers. The real estate consultant highlights the factors driving transparency across the world.

Increasing standards in sustainability

As companies demonstrate an unwavering commitment to corporate social responsibility, there is increased voluntary adoption of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) measures and greater acknowledgement of the need to create a sustainable built environment.

France and Australia lead on sustainability transparency as the first adopters of new initiatives such as water efficiency standards and resilient building frameworks. While Abu Dhabi’s score was boosted by government initiatives to improve corporate and real estate sustainability.

Growing adoption of proptech platforms

Although real estate markets have historically faced challenges when implementing new technology, the pandemic is leading to an acceleration in new types of non-standard and high-frequency data – especially relating to health, mobility and space usage – being collected and disseminated in near-real-time. COVID-19 could fast-track digitization and stimulate innovation in the use of technology due to the need for accurate and just-in-time data.

The highest levels of proptech adoption are in the “Highly Transparent” markets, such as France, Netherlands, Australia, UK, Canada and the U.S., as well as the high-income Asia Pacific markets like South Korea, Singapore and Hong Kong SAR. Significantly, several less transparent, larger emerging markets also stand out on proptech adoption – including India, South Africa, Brazil and Mainland China.

Most improvement seen in Asia

South and Southeast Asian markets have led transparency advances in this year’s survey.

Top Transparency Improvers

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