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5 Key reasons to buy residential real estate in Egypt's NAC

Article-5 Key reasons to buy residential real estate in Egypt's NAC

Sea view cairo city
As an advanced smart city, Egypt’s New Administrative Capital (NAC) is an attractive place to live. Here are 5 strong reasons why you should consider investing in the city’s residential real estate market.

Egypt's New Administrative Capital (NAC) is a major investment in Egypt’s future. Located 45km to Cairo's East, the NAC is an appealing city that is turning into a major economic hub. Within a high-tech and smart city environment, the city provides a high quality of life with strong economic opportunities. So, with this attractive environment in mind, Egypt’s NAC provides a desirable living environment. In this article, we highlight five key factors that make the NAC a desirable place to live. They are all important aspects that make buying residential real estate in the NAC an exciting prospect.


The NAC is experiencing rapid growth with new projects in transportation, energy, and communications. This infrastructure growth makes the NAC attractive to investors and residents. But it is even more attractive to those who want a modern, well-connected city to live and work in. The NAC now contains major highways, airports, and railway stations. These all make travel easy for residents and visitors alike. Also, the NAC is home to a wide range of modern amenities, such as shopping malls, luxury hotels, and entertainment complexes. So, it is an ideal location for both business and leisure.

Aspects like strong public transport systems, effective delivery of utilities, and efficient proptech innovations help further enhance the clever infrastructure system in the NAC. So, the NAC provides the perfect environment if you are someone who lives to get from A to B in a stress-free and accessible way.


The NAC is becoming known for its vibrant arts scene. Many galleries, museums, and performance venues provide opportunities for cultural exploration. For example, towards the end of 2022, Magnom Properties formed a unique partnership with French contemporary artist Richard Orlinksi. The partnership involves showing Orlinksi's collection of colourful animal-inspired resin sculptures at Magmom Properties' first project in the NAC. This project along with others makes the NAC an attractive destination. But it's most attractive to those who crave a unique and culturally rich environment


Artificial intelligence and the internet of things are creating a modern and innovative lifestyle in the NAC. Smart city technology like this creates an efficient, safe, and managed environment. This uses technology for good in an automated and less stressful living environment. So, a more desirable and sustainable lifestyle can occur. This is a lifestyle that’s becoming favourable amongst the younger generations. So, if you desire an innovative, sustainable, and efficient environment, then the NAC may be perfect for you!


The NAC is making great strides in promoting a more sustainable lifestyle. A range of green initiatives support this within the areas of energy, water, and waste management. These initiatives are boosting the city's attractiveness. But they are most attractive to the growing population of people who desire a sustainable and environmentally conscious place. Also, the NAC is home to many parks and recreational facilities. These provide residents with plenty of opportunities to enjoy the beauty of nature.


Construction started on the NAC in 2017. Then once complete the city will house around 6.5 to 7 million people. The city offers a smart and sustainable environment. It is also the largest of several new cities Egypt is developing. When combined these new cities are creating a new urban vision for 30 million people.

Yet, a sizeable area of the New Administrative Capital is already built. This not only includes the parliament, a presidential complex, and government departments. But it also includes hotels, schools, and a major commercial centre. A new airport also opened last year and strong public transportation systems are in place too. So, despite the impressive future, there is already a thriving environment in the city.


Egypt's New Administrative Capital is an attractive city that's well worth considering for living or investment. The city is an appealing destination for those looking for a high quality of life and strong economic opportunities. With a focus on sustainable living, the NAC is a modern and efficient city that has lots to offer. So, the NAC is not only a city of the future but also a thriving environment. This should make the city a high contender for anyone looking for a new place to live or an exciting investment opportunity.


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