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Magnom partners with renowned French artist on Egyptian projects

Article-Magnom partners with renowned French artist on Egyptian projects

Richard Orlinksi Born Wild sculptures on display in the streets of Cannes during Cannes Film Festival 2019
The partnership with French artist Richard Orlinski will see a collection of sculptures exhibited within Magnom’s upcoming projects in the NAC.

Magnom Properties, an Egyptian real estate developer, has formed a unique partnership with French contemporary artist Richard Orlinksi. The partnership will involve showcasing Orlinksi's collection of colourful animal-inspired resin sculptures at Magmom Properties' first project in the New Administrative Capital (NAC).

Richard pursued his artistic passion in 2004 and was named the world's highest-grossing contemporary French artist in 2015. He is known for his exciting sculptures of impressive sizes exhibited globally. These sculptures include the highly recognisable Red Gorilla 'Wild Kong' displayed at Cannes, the Crocodile at Miami Design District, and the 5-metre bear at Courchevel.

His debut sculpture, a brilliant red crocodile, marked the beginning of a series of one-of-a-kind works representing freedom, power, and desire.


A collection of sculptures in various colours, sizes, and materials will take centre stage at various locations throughout the firm's NAC commercial project. This is part of the 'Magnom Loves Art' campaign. The aim of this is to celebrate the integration of architecture with modern art along with crafting a vibrant and unique atmosphere.

Magnom Properties’ chairman, Abdulaziz Al Turki, stated that the collaboration with Richard Orlinski is part of Magnom's objective to combine the greatest in architecture, design, and art.

Egypt's New Administrative Capital marks a new architectural era for Egypt. It emphasises the architectural riches of the past, current triumphs, and future successes. The city also integrates a broad array of smart city technology to create a resource-efficient and sustainable environment.

Magnom Properties is excited to invite Richard Orliksi to Egypt to help provide a new platform for art enthusiasts to congregate and appreciate his one-of-a-kind sculptures that will captivate visitors to Magnom's NAC project. This project in itself will be a work of modern art too.

The NAC is regarded as a one-of-a-kind architectural masterpiece in Egypt and will be a long-lasting icon. The advancement of NAC represents Egypt's modernization and growth.

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