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London Gate launches new luxury projects in Dubai

Article-London Gate launches new luxury projects in Dubai

Luxury apartment Dubai UAE
London Gate unveils luxury projects in Dubai, fusing London's elegance with Dubai's vibrancy in innovative real estate developments.

London Gate, a prominent real estate developer, has launched a series of new projects, redefining luxury living in Dubai. News source Zawya uncovered this on the 25th of September. The company aims to blend Dubai's vibrant atmosphere with London's timeless style. They want to showcase their creativity and expertise in real estate.


London Gate is getting ready to finish some remarkable projects. One of the most anticipated ones is Maya V, almost complete. It promises to be a blend of modern living and elegance, following the success of its predecessors.

But that's not all. London Gate is also introducing Nadine I & II and a new residential tower in Dubai Marina. These projects combine modern and heritage elements, demonstrating London Gate's dedication to creating exceptional properties and pushing architectural boundaries.


Nadine I & II features Roman/Venetian-inspired architecture with an Arabesque touch. The project will be ready in Q4 of 2024, creating a vibrant community for everyone. In total, there are 204 modern apartments, including one-bedroom, two-bedroom, and three-bedroom. So, this project suits couples, small families, and individuals alike.


Located in the Jumeirah Village Triangle (JVT), Maya V offers a vibrant lifestyle with many amenities. The project has green areas and a high-end gym for staying active. There's also a refreshing swimming pool.

Featuring one-bedroom, two-bedroom, and three-bedroom apartments, the project will be ready in Q4 2024. But, the company hasn't revealed how many apartments are available yet.


London Gate is more than a real estate developer. The developer links London's elegant style to Dubai's lively atmosphere. Eman Taha, CEO of London Gate, emphasises their commitment to creating luxury living spaces in the city.

According to Zawya, Ms. Taha emphasises the company's commitment to blending tradition and modernity in their projects. This she says is helping reshape Dubai's skyline with innovative architecture. But it also creates a unique living experience too.


The goal of London Gate is to provide great living spaces. Due to their emphasis on outstanding architecture, imaginative design, prompt delivery, and simple payment options, the company has established itself as a pioneer in Dubai's real estate market.

Image note: Image used for illustrative purposes does not depict London Gate project

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