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Masharee Company unveils ambitious real estate strategy

Article-Masharee Company unveils ambitious real estate strategy

Jeddah Corniche, Saudi Arabia, promenade right on the shores of the Red Sea in downtown Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
Masharee Company's 5-year real estate deelopment strategy focuses on expansion, innovation and aligning with Saudi Vision 2030.

Masharee Company, a well-known Saudi real estate developer, has revealed its strategic plans for the next five years. The company aims to solidify its position in the real estate market and drive business growth. It also plans to enhance project performance to make the most of Saudi Arabia's current prosperity. Masharee's projects align with Saudi Vision 2030, contributing to the nation's long-term goals.


Masharee plans to build one million square meters of office space, 500,000 square meters of residential space, and 200,000 square meters of commercial space. They also aim to set up five five-star hotels and develop residential and tourist areas in their projects. These plans show the company’s ambitious goals for construction and hospitality. It's clear that the company is focusing on expanding its real estate portfolio to meet the growing market demand.


Masharee CompanySalama bin Malhi bin Saedan, Chairman of Masharee Company

Masharee Company)

Salama bin Saedan, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Masharee Company, stressed that their strategic plans come from a strong grasp of real estate trends. These plans expand on the company's recent achievements. They focus on innovation and investing in cultural elements to bring varied real estate options. The aim is to provide diverse real estate choices to customers.


The company's strategic plans focus on several key pillars. These include:

  • Establishing sustainability
  • Governance
  • Social responsibility standards
  • Expanding investment options
  • Maximising asset returns
  • Enhancing operational efficiency and real estate project management


Masharee’s plans to launch offerings worth around SAR 12 billion. They will list three companies on the Saudi capital market and set up seven real estate funds. The company also wants to concentrate on developing smart buildings to stay ahead in the private sector.


The company commits itself to growing and innovating in the Saudi real estate market. Their strategic plans support and align with Saudi Vision 2030, and focus on key objectives. By doing this, Masharee aims to continue its successful investment journey and meet the changing needs of clients and the market.

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