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New Murabba selects AtkinsRéalis for Riyadh’s Mega Downtown

Article-New Murabba selects AtkinsRéalis for Riyadh’s Mega Downtown

NMDC Sabah Barakat, Acting CEO, New Murabba Development Company, and Campbell Gray, CEO of AtkinsRéalis, Middle East & Africa (Image Courtesy NMDC).jpg
Sabah Barakat, Acting CEO, New Murabba Development Company, and Campbell Gray, CEO of AtkinsRéalis, Middle East & Africa (Image Courtesy: NMDC)
AtkinsRéalis to design Riyadh's mega downtown, Mukaab, for New Murabba; a pivotal step in Saudi's urban innovation and growth.

AtkinsRéalis will design the master plan for the world's biggest modern downtown in Riyadh. The New Murabba Development Company (NMDC), a Saudi Arabian Public Investment Fund (PIF) subsidiary, picked AtkinsRéalis for this project. The Mukaab, part of this huge project, will transform hospitality, retail, and leisure experiences.


Sabah Barakat, Acting CEO of NMDC, and Campbell Gray, CEO of AtkinsRéalis, recently signed a partnership for the groundbreaking destination in Riyadh. This collaboration is key in delivering the project.


Sabah Barakat, NMDC's Acting CEO, praised AtkinsRéalis for turning the project's vision into the master plan and the iconic Mukaab building design. AtkinsRéalis will play a crucial role in the project, handling extra contracts for masterplan details, infrastructure design, and the concept design for Mukaab. They are actively contributing to various aspects of the project's development.


Ian L. Edwards, the President and CEO of AtkinsRéalis, emphasised the company's commitment to connecting people, data, and technology for big changes. Mr Edwards also expressed how "the New Murabba is set to redefine how we live, work and play in a sustainable manner that will boost the country’s socio-economic development drive."

The project is a cornerstone to the innovative reinvention of Riyadh. In line with Saudi Vision 2030, it aims for sustainable development. It focuses on user convenience, less need for transport, walkable spaces, and public places that put people first.


The New Murabba master plan draws inspiration from Riyadh’s original harmony with nature. It uses a data-driven approach to design, focusing on sustainability. This project also aligns with Riyadh's cultural heritage and future ambitions. In doing so the project will have a strong contribution to the city's development.


Philip Hoare, the President of Engineering Services at AtkinsRéalis, is proud to contribute to this visionary project. Mr Hoare expresses how the company wants to use its global expertise, digital capabilities, and sustainable solutions to create a better future for Saudi Arabia. In his own words, Mr Hoare makes it clear that the company is "committed to supporting the Kingdom’s continuous growth and building its local talent of the future."


AtkinsRéalis won the project by blending Riyadh’s culture with future goals, inspired by Najdi Architecture. Called the Mukaab, meaning 'cube' in Arabic, it aims to be the world’s biggest immersive destination. Using digital tech, the project offers innovative experiences. The Mukaab features a massive internal skyscraper. This measures 400m in height, width, and length, making it one of the largest structures ever. The facility will also have groundbreaking hospitality, F&B, and retail options.


NMDC and AtkinsRéalis collaborating is a big step for the New Murabba master plan and the transformative Mukaab project in Riyadh. This initiative not only changes Riyadh's skyline but also shows Saudi Arabia's commitment to sustainable development and innovative urban planning. It's a significant move forward in the Saudi real estate market.

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