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UAE’s first e-store for construction, maintenance and decoration projects

Article-UAE’s first e-store for construction, maintenance and decoration projects

The mission of “ Rafeeg Store” is to upgrade the homeowner’s journey in setting up and maintaining a home

The new Rafeeg Store, a first-of-its-kind electronic store in the Mena region that specializes in construction, maintenance, and decoration projects at Abu Dhabi, allows customers to browse the designs of the best international engineers and decorations, in addition to the easy comparison of prices from local contractors who want to design their homes in UAE.

The Emirati entrepreneur, Khamis Al Sheryani, said the opening comes in line with the UAE government’s vision to adopt the best environmental practices in various fields, especially in the field of contracting, maintenance and design, which is one of the most active and distinguished economic sectors locally and regionally. 

The new store comes as part of its regional expansion strategy to boost its presence in the GCC countries in light of the steady growth of the Rafeeg App brand and the high value it offers to customers.

On the new venture, Al Sheryani said: "We are pleased to announce the launch of the first store of its kind in the Mena region from Abu Dhabi, an extension of the success of “Rafeeg App”, which attracted so far more than 70,000 customers and over 5,000 specialized technicians in maintenance and decoration, under the supervision of more than 1,000 licensed facilities to provide home maintenance and home decoration services."



The homeowners' journey begins in Rafeeg Store by browsing various carefully designed international designs and ideas classified according to major categories so that they begin at this stage of forming the general idea of the project by collecting and exploring the ideas available in the store.

In the second stage, these homeowners will have the opportunity to start receiving initial quotations from companies and contractors and speak with a number of specialized technicians on the project, so that they have a more mature idea of the project.

In the third and final stage, these homeowners will be able to lay the solid foundations for their projects such as specification brochure and other technical details that the store staff will assist in developing and also open a tender for contractors to receive official bids to start implementing the project, explained Al Sheryani.

"The mission of “ Rafeeg Store” is to upgrade the homeowner’s journey in setting up and maintaining a home, to become a unique and enjoyable shopping experience that allows him to move between its stages smoothly and assure the quality of the work that it will carry out, he added.

This article is from TradeArabia.

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