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Beeah Tandeef enhancing UAE city cleaning with AI cameras

Article-Beeah Tandeef enhancing UAE city cleaning with AI cameras

Closed blue rubbish bin with a white recycling sign on it
Beeah Tandeef is revolutionising UAE city cleaning with AI cameras, enhancing waste management and urban maintenance for a sustainable future.

Trade Arabia and other news sources reported earlier this week that Beeah Tandeef, a leading player in waste collection and city cleaning, is introducing an advanced AI solution called AI City Vision to enhance urban cleanliness. This advanced system uses AI 360-degree cameras on waste collection vehicles. It is a new innovation in the UAE, aimed at enhancing city maintenance and waste management.


The AI City Vision uses innovative technology to process images and videos captured by 360-degree cameras. These cameras identify conditions, such as overflowing waste bins and road cleanliness. By doing so, the AI technology optimises waste management. This then creates efficient waste collection routes and better asset management.


The system's ability extends to recording overflowing waste bins in a centralised portal. This data-driven approach further refines waste collection and cleansing routes. The goal is to improve the look and maintenance of cities. So, this AI City Vision system aligns with Beeah Tandeef's commitment to a cleaner and more sustainable future in the UAE and beyond.


The use of AI City Vision within existing waste management systems marks a strong step toward cleaner cities. This contributes to a circular economy, a key component of sustainable urban development.


Khaled Al Huraimel, Group CEO, expressed Beeah Tandeef's role as an innovative industry leader. The company's dedication to research and development has led to enhanced initiatives in waste management. These include innovative waste separation methods and advanced recycling technologies. Beeah Tandeef's reputation as the UAE and the region's most innovative waste management company is a result of its continued approach of creating unique solutions.


Besides the  AI City Vision, Beeah Tandeef is introducing other innovative solutions.

Facial Recognition Bus Attendance system

The Facial Recognition Bus Attendance system is reshaping the company’s labour management. It does so by creating accurate and efficient attendance records for its workforce. This helps speed up administrative processes, enhancing operational efficiency.

Smart Bracelet

The Smart Bracelet shows Beeah Tandeef's innovations beyond the workforce. This IoT-enabled device provides real-time tracking and safety measures. So, it conveys Beeah Tandeef's dedication to the safety and welfare of its workforce by prioritising workforce welfare.


Beeah Tandeef's launch of the AI City Vision system and other innovative solutions create strong progress toward cleaner, more efficient cities in the UAE. These improvements align with the company's commitment to sustainability and excellence, boosting its position as a leader in waste management and urban cleanliness. Not only that, but the company's solutions help maintain the UAE's cities, keeping them attractive places to live, work, and visit.

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