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Women in Real Estate

"I have made it an integral part of my career to make a difference and contribute to the growth and success of Dubai." - Lynnette Sacchetto [Part Two]

Article-"I have made it an integral part of my career to make a difference and contribute to the growth and success of Dubai." - Lynnette Sacchetto [Part Two]

Lynette Sacchetto
In this two-part series, Lucy Whittaker speaks to Lynnette Sacchetto, Director, Research & Data at Property Finder about trailblazing a successful career and driving change in the technology and real estate industries, in Dubai and beyond.

Your work at Property Finder has been instrumental in bringing transparency to the UAE real estate market. How has this heightened access to data and research benefited the industry, and why is this important?

I am very privileged and proud to be part of the data transparency journey in the Dubai real estate market. I embarked on this journey about seven years ago when I started to make acquaintances with the Dubai Land Departments (DLD) and other government entities. Back then, the idea of sharing data was not common practice by both the private and public sectors, and I made it my mission to break that barrier.

I understood firsthand, from my work in the US, how important data and transparency is in the real estate sector and the massive positive impact that it could have, especially when it comes to foreign investment.

I worked with the various arms of the government, such as DLD and Smart Dubai, to introduce government data into the real estate sector.

Today, you can see the effects of this from initiatives such as Mo’asher, open data platforms and the private sector utilizing the open data to create B2B and B2C products. All of this benefits the real estate sector, from educating the consumer to enforcing confidence in the market, which draws in foreign direct investment.


You are an expert in PropTech with over 15 years of experience in this field. What will the biggest trends in this space be over the next 1-3 years?

The PropTech market in Dubai has really expanded over the past few years with digitization at the forefront. We all want seamless experiences in our lives, which includes the real estate journey.

You will see digital activity in the property management space, in crowdfunding, and in traditional services such as mortgages. We will see products which help streamline and digitize the sales and rental process enter the market.

Also, pay close attention to blockchain technologies and the metaverse.

In the past 2 years, you’ve been named as Woman Leader of the Year in Technology and as the Top Ten Real Estate Consultants in the MENA Region. What is the value of awards that specifically recognize female achievements and what did it mean to you to win?

It was such an honor to receive these two esteemed awards, especially after being in the real estate industry here for over 15 years. As a female in male dominated industries, both tech and real estate, I have worked hard to earn respect among my colleagues and peers. To be recognized by them was very humbling.

These awards are hard to come by, especially for females in real estate industry here in Dubai. To be recognized as a leader and someone who has made a difference in our sector is something I am very proud of.

I absolutely love what I do and this beautiful city I call home. That’s why I have made it an integral part of my career to make a difference and contribute to the growth and success of Dubai. Awards like these validate I am on the right track.  

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What advice would you give to the next generation of female leaders?

You are the future and there are so many opportunities available to you. Dubai is a great place to grow as a female leader, especially in the real estate industry.

Over the years, I have seen female leaders rise and accomplish some amazing things and I am privileged to have worked alongside some of them.

We need to support each other, boost each other up and have each other’s back, this is important. Mentor young women, nurture them and help them grow.


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