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Women in Real Estate

Celebrating Women in Real Estate throughout 2023

Article-Celebrating Women in Real Estate throughout 2023

CityscapeWIRE - Women in Real Estate
Highlights CityscapeWIRE's pivotal role in fostering community and empowerment, featuring successful networking events and sharing women's contributions to climate activism, architectural projects, the push for gender parity in construction, and the impact of on economic landscapes.

CityscapeWIRE - Nurturing Empowerment and Community Building

Cityscape Intelligence's Women In Real Estate (WIRE) initiative played a pivotal role in fostering a sense of community and empowerment throughout 2023. The initiative kicked off with a resounding success at its inaugural networking event at Palazzo Versace in Dubai. This event provided a powerful platform for women to connect, share insights, and explore opportunities in the real estate industry. Building on this momentum, CityscapeWIRE hosted discussions in Egypt and Qatar, marked by significant milestones. Both events featured all-women panels for the first time, symbolizing a step forward in promoting gender diversity and inclusivity in real estate dialogues.

The Saudi Arabian edition of the CityscapeWIRE event at Cityscape Global in Malham stood out with exceptional success. The event highlighted the remarkable strides women are making in the real estate sector within the Kingdom. Participants engaged in dynamic discussions, networked with industry leaders, and gained valuable insights into the unique opportunities and challenges for women in Saudi Arabia's evolving real estate landscape.

CityscapeWIRE at Cityscape Global

Empowering Women Across the Built Environment

CityscapeWIRE continued to shine a spotlight on women making noteworthy contributions across various facets of the built environment. The initiative celebrated women climate activists who are leading the charge against climate change, recognizing their crucial role in sustainable development. Noteworthy projects by female architects in the MENA region were showcased in individual articles: Sheikh Zayed Bridge by Dame Zaha Hadid, Mleiha Archaeological Centre by Sumaya Dabbagh, Sharjah Mosque by Magda Abdul Latif Al Muhaidib, Rain Room Building by Mona El-Mousfy, and The Burj Residence by Rania Hamed. Each project exemplified the creativity and innovation of women in architecture.

Advocating for Gender Parity in Construction and Preservation

The third quarter focused on advocating for gender parity in the construction sector and the preservation of historic urban fabric. Challenges in achieving gender parity in construction were acknowledged, accompanied by statistics revealing a gender gap in the sector. The rising interest of women in STEM fields, particularly in the UAE, suggested a significant pool of untapped talent. Architect Omniya Abdel Barr emerged as a passionate advocate for preserving Egypt's historic cities, emphasizing the importance of understanding and investing in their heritage. 

Real Estate's Impact on Economic Landscapes

The final quarter of 2023 delved into the broader impact of real estate on economic landscapes, focusing particularly on Qatar. Haajerah Khan, an industry expert, underscored the enduring nature of the real estate sector and its pivotal role in ensuring economic stability. PropTech emerged as a key focus, highlighting the strength of Qatar's start-up ecosystem and the need for seamless integration with the existing industry. The challenges faced by PropTech companies, the importance of transparency, and the potential leverage of data by emerging technologies were thoroughly discussed. The quarter concluded by showcasing the impact of women in Qatar's real estate, envisioning a more inclusive and diverse industry in the future.

As Cityscape Intelligence concludes the yearly round-up, it stands as a testament to the diverse and impactful contributions of women in shaping the real estate industry across the MENA region in 2023. The platform remains committed to fostering a supportive community, breaking new ground in inclusive discussions, and amplifying the voices of women in real estate in the years to come.

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