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Women in Real Estate

Empowering Women in Qatar's Real Estate

Article-Empowering Women in Qatar's Real Estate

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CityscapeWIRE’s involvement at Cityscape Qatar is new to the country and provides platforms for women to share insights, advancing gender equality further.

Qatar is dedicated to empowering women, evident in its efforts for equal education, fair pay, and balanced work-family policies. These initiatives have led to increased female enrolment in universities and substantial participation in sectors like finance and healthcare. Within Qatar's real estate sector, women play vital roles, fostering innovation and growth.

Empowering Women in Various Fields

Qatari women hold key positions in ministries, diplomacy, and aviation, contributing significantly to the nation's progress. Qatar stands as a pioneer in the Gulf Cooperation Council, with women comprising over 48% of judiciary positions. Internationally, Qatar spearheaded the recognition of March 10 as the International Day of Women Judges. The nation actively involves women in peace-building efforts and encourages their participation in entrepreneurship, showcasing its commitment to gender equality.

Qatar's Commitment to Women's Leadership

Qatar takes pride in its women's economic leadership, reaching 57% in 2021, surpassing global averages. Women's strong representation in sectors like security, entrepreneurship, and the judiciary highlights Qatar's dedication to inclusivity. The nation continues to invest in human resources and infrastructure, empowering women and ensuring their active participation in shaping Qatar's future. Cityscape Qatar's CityscapeWIRE sessions echo this commitment, creating avenues for women to break barriers and drive progress.

CityscapeWIRE's Panel Discussion and Networking Session at Cityscape Qatar

Taking place for the first time at Cityscape Qatar, there will be a discussion panel powered by CityscapeWIRE (Women in Real Estate), as well as a networking session. Scheduled for Wednesday, October 25th, from 16:00 to 18:00, this agenda promises a deep dive into the real estate sector's future in Qatar.

Bringing together experts from across the real estate industry, from construction to proptech to sustainable development, the discussion aims to unveil the future of Qatar's real estate. Topics include navigating challenges in the start-up arena, with a focus on PropTech, understanding the link between construction and real estate, and ways for individuals to get involved in the industry.

Moderated by Billie Teshich, Managing Director of Omnivision Qatar and President of the National Association for Women in Construction in Qatar, this discussion promises fresh insights.


  • Maria Maximova, Head of Business Strategy, Qetaifan Projects, Qatar
  • Dr. Athba Thamer Al-Thani, Chief Business Development Officer, QDVC, Qatar
  • Sevgi Gur, Chief Marketing Officer, Property Finder Qatar, Qatar
  • Haajerah Khan, Chief Operating Officer, Hapondo, Qatar

Followed by a networking power hour, take advantage of this time to connect with other professionals in the industry, building valuable connections and fostering collaboration.

Qatar's journey toward women's empowerment and gender equality signifies significant achievements and unwavering commitment. Through education, legal reforms, and increased participation across sectors, Qatari women now hold influential positions, actively contributing to the nation's development. Despite challenges, Qatar's dedication to women's empowerment charts a positive path toward a more inclusive society.

Join us at Cityscape Qatar to witness the potential and power of women in the real estate sector. Register now.



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