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Masdar City joins partnership for AI and clean tech success

Article-Masdar City joins partnership for AI and clean tech success

Masdar City joins partnership for AI and clean tech success
Abu Dhabi's Masdar City, MBZUAI and The Catalyst have partnered to boost AI, clean tech and smart city tech in Abu Dhabi to attract the world's best experts.

Masdar City, MBZUAI, and The Catalyst have teamed up to boost AI, clean tech, and smart city tech, like self-driving transport, in Abu Dhabi. Executives from the three companies signed an agreement at Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week 2023.

Mohamed Al Breiki, Masdar City's executive director, states that the partnership would help Masdar City position itself as a centre for clean technology, artificial intelligence, and autonomous transport start-ups. It will also strengthen the links across these industries. But equally, it will help use the potential of young and new businesses to create great change.

The collaboration between The Catalyst, Masdar City, and MBZUAI sets up a framework for attracting and retaining some of the world's best experts in artificial intelligence to Abu Dhabi. The partnership has the potential to greatly boost the UAE's position as a worldwide AI and technology destination. According to Sultan Al Hajji, MBZUAI Vice President of Public Affairs and Alumni Relations, this collaboration will give access to industry expertise and resources. This will include AI incubation, clean energy research abilities, and a focus on mentorship for growing businesses and AI workers.


According to Stephen Severance, Masdar City's director of growth, the Catalyst aims to help entrepreneurs commit to making a difference via sustainable, clean tech, and AI. This collaboration will provide businesses access to more excellent talent and more opportunities to develop modern technology. Every partner involved is enthusiastic to work together.

According to the agreement, MBZUAI graduates may qualify for favourable offers to launch their businesses quickly in Masdar City. There may also be opportunities for current MBZUAI students to take part in paid internships with different businesses in the Masdar City Free Zone.

The creation of a unique accelerator programme will also be assessed by the three parties. This accelerator will highlight AI to inspire more MBZUAI graduates to create successful businesses.

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