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Lifesize Plans launches Middle East franchise in Dubai

Article-Lifesize Plans launches Middle East franchise in Dubai

AI virtual reality technology for property construction viewing
Australian company Lifesize Plans launches Dubai franchise, offering real-scale walkthrough technology for an immersive project viewing experience.

Lifesize Plans, an Australian company, has opened a new franchise in Dubai, introducing a groundbreaking concept to the UAE and the broader Middle East. Zawya reported on the opening earlier this week.

The company is the world's first to patent real-scale walkthrough technology. This innovation allows people to visualize construction projects in real time, eliminating the need to rely on traditional blueprints.


As the UAE and the wider region witness a rapid influx of off-plan commercial and residential projects, Lifesize Plans offers a unique solution. It aims to reduce risks for property buyers while providing a client-centric service for developers and sellers.


The company uses advanced projection technology in their space in Al Quoz, Dubai's creative hub, according to the Zawya report. They project life-sized floorplans for homes, offices, and factories right onto the floor. This lets potential buyers, architects, developers, and others check out their projects. They can move around upper and lower levels, gardens, and shared areas, and they can make instant changes from their laptops. There's also a big white screen on the wall for even better views. It’s an innovative proptech solution that provides an immersive buyer experience.


The company's CEO Georges Calas leads and oversees the Dubai franchise operations. He runs operations. Key investors, Omar AlShamsi from the UAE and Sultan Al Hejailan from Saudi Arabia share market insights. With this in mind, Lifesize Plans' main focus is the UAE. However, the company also aim to expand to Saudi Arabia and the wider region due to increasing real estate demands.

The CEO highlighted that the opening of the Dubai franchise is a big step for Lifesize Plans.  He expresses that the company wants to be a key part of the global real estate design and pre-construction process. "The Middle East, especially the UAE, has great real estate investment chances", he emphasised. He then conveyed how the company aims to offer a safe and collaborative place for efficient planning and investment security.


Besides projections, Lifesize Plans also provides movable faux furniture, props, measuring tools, and partition walls. These elements help clients immerse themselves in the space and refine their design vision.


The company’s mission is to build clients' confidence and trust during the early stages of construction. It enables them to visualize their projects on a real and life-size scale before committing to construction costs. This is especially valuable in a market like Dubai, which saw a 38% growth in off-plan transactions during the first half of 2023.


Digital technology has come a long way, but Lifesize Plans knows that nothing beats the feeling of being in a physical space. They let clients walk through floorplans at a one-to-one scale, getting them closer to their dream projects.

Lifesize Plans is ready to change how real estate projects are seen and planned in the UAE and the Middle East. They bring an innovative proptech solution to a growing UAE market.

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