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Report: Saudi Arabia's Retail and Commercial Industry

White-paper-Report: Saudi Arabia's Retail and Commercial Industry

Report: Saudi Arabia's Retail and Commercial Industry
Saudi Arabia's retail and commercial industry is rapidly evolving due to the government's Vision 2030 initiative. The country is witnessing massive construction projects and a surge in demand for premium office spaces, driven by economic growth and the influx of international companies.

Read 'Saudi Arabia's Retail and Commercial Industry' to learn more about:

  • The transformative impact of Vision 2030 on Saudi's retail and commercial sectors.
  • Emerging trends such as high-grade office spaces, co-working environments, and sustainability.
  • Evolving dynamics in retail, including focus on entertainment, luxury stores, and tech adoption.
  • Use of advanced technologies like AI and AR for enhancing in-store experiences.
  • Strategies for future-proofing in the face of changing consumer behaviors.


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