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Bahrain offering unique industrial real estate opportunities

Article-Bahrain offering unique industrial real estate opportunities

Al Riffa Fort view Bahrain
The Southern Municipal Council in Bahrain has supported a unique plan to award government plots and properties to private bidders with unique project ideas.

Unique industrial real estate opportunities are becoming available to Bahraini investors. This is especially the case in the manufacturing sector due to the kingdom now opening as a location for expert and niche operations.

The Southern Municipal Council supported a plan to award government plots and properties to private bidders with project ideas.

Councilors suggested ideas such as producing toothpaste, disposable blades and razors. They also discussed manufacturing surgical equipment. But also mentioned was the option of disposable nappies for both children and adults.


Ali Al Shaikh, the councilor of Southern Governorate constituency eight (Al Dur, Askar, Jaw, Southeast Riffa, Riffa Views and Awali), proposed the idea. He stated that providing unique and specialised investments will create a niche market in Bahrain. He sees this as a chance to help Bahrain creatively differentiate its market. But he also stated that it would be silly for people to entirely divert focus away from investing in commodities and consumer goods too.

Bahrain must look into newer markets that are not currently present. Undertaking feasibility studies is also needed to see if these markets are worth investing in.


Investors in Bahrain could consider the production of baby and adult nappies. This is a product that is in high demand but is not currently available in Bahrain.

The potential was also identified for toothpaste, disposable blades and razors, and surgical equipment.

Ali Al Shaikh emphasised that there are currently many Chinese products available in Bahrain. Yet some of these products are low quality or inappropriate for the region. So, investing in these industries could be a sensible option.

From 2016 till last year, a company manufactured a well-known brand of baby nappies on the island. But they ended production due to financial constraints. The potential to Reuse absorbent hygiene goods like nappies is also a strong complementary option here. These options all help to maximise the lifecycle of the products which reduces their environmental impact. So that is a major bonus here.

According to experts, there are several applications for recycling disposable nappies. Companies can also use them to construct school desks as well as urban playgrounds. Yet, the cellulose can convert into viscose fabric or specialised paper. Also, the absorbent polymer has been used for gardening and flood barriers.

With all the above in mind, there will be a rise in facilities management opportunities too.


Mr. Al Shaikh believes that Bahrain can customize its needs to meet the demand for better quality products. He mentioned that “When there are numerous options, it means that Bahrain is on the right track.”


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