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UAE seeing increased demand for artificial lagoon developments

Article-UAE seeing increased demand for artificial lagoon developments

Dubai Lagoon Development UAE
Artificial lagoons are being seen as a strong option for developers to cater to an increasingly sustainably driven market of real estate buyers.

One of Dubai's top real estate firms, Unique Properties, has noticed an increased interest in artificial lagoon developments within the UAE. In 2020, about 70% of MENA consumers predicted that the pandemic would severely alter their way of life. Nowadays, this appears to be true with property buyers becoming increasingly driven towards sustainably built developments, which also offer a higher standard of living and access to open spaces.

Residential developments centered around artificial lagoons are increasing in appeal in the Middle East, yet they are not a new concept. Construction on District One in Mohammed Bin Rashid (MBR) City, which implemented this idea, started in 2013 with other developers following suit and adding the same infrastructure to their developments over time. Property buyers and developers are more interested now with the introduction of Expo City Dubai, formerly known as District 2020, because of its very sustainable nature. For the area's growing need for artificial lagoon projects, new developments like Dubai South are assisting in meeting that desire.


The treatment method for an artificial lagoon utilizes 100 times fewer chemicals than swimming pools or drinking water. They also require just 2% of the energy needed by standard filtration systems. Since technology has advanced, just 1% of a body of water needs to be filtered. This is the portion of a lagoon that contains all the debris and bacteria.

Lagoons also use up to 30 times less water than a golf course and use half as much water as parks of comparable sizes. So, for developers, this advancement has made it easier and more cost-effective to build on a large scale. This is especially the case now that building timeframes are just six months instead of the prior nine to twelve months.


Developers agree that lagoon developments are worthwhile despite their comparatively higher costs. The great majority of real estate buyers in Dubai draw foreign investors, members of important business groups, as well as owners and shareholders of top holding and multinational firms, to this luxury idea. It's important to remember, too, that the majority of purchasers in the ultra-luxury property market do so for lifestyle reasons. So, the concept of living by an artificial lagoon is something of a unique and quirky feature.

Lagoon concepts will keep expanding as regional consumers reevaluate their consumption patterns and pay greater attention to social and environmental consequences. This will especially be the case in large cities far from coastal areas. Dubai, for example, is witnessing consistently increasing demand for luxury residential property with the city ranking first of 100 global cities in luxury residential price increases.

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