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Samana Developers launch art deco infused Miami Development

Article-Samana Developers launch art deco infused Miami Development

miami development.jpg
The award-winning developer will offer an array of luxury facilities within its Miami Development. Strong incentives are also in place to attract investment.

Samana Miami, an AED 110 million residential project by the trend-setting developer, Samana Developers, has been planned for Jumeriah Village Circle.

The 125,765 square foot project is the first in Dubai where every one-bedroom and two-bedroom apartment has a private pool. The architectural style of the project draws strong inspiration from the City of Miami in the United States of America. It, therefore, conveys the appearance and feel of the Miami lifestyle with a luxurious, glamorous, and pleasurable atmosphere.

The development also has a strong appeal to the tastes of investors, particularly those from Europe and North America. These investors are heavily drawn to the art deco style which presents a new niche to be explored within Dubai’s real estate market. Incorporating this stand-out style along with unique features will help to enhance the popularity of the development.

Samana Developers also offers a range of flexible financing options for potential property buyers in the Miami development. They also offer a completely free UAE golden visa to further incentivize investors. So, the appeal of the property within the Miami development as a long-term investment opportunity is strengthened via these incentives.


The Miami development spans eight stories, offering properties with roomy balconies to enjoy the sunny weather of Dubai. These balconies are also enhanced with urban gardens, private, and an array of other stand-out features. Samana Developers enhance Dubai's attractiveness in this way. But they also have a powerful reputation as an award-winning and one of the fastest growing private developers in the UAE.

The development also has a wide array of recreation facilities on its leisure deck. These include not only a main swimming pool, flowing water systems, and an outdoor cinema. But they also include both outdoor and indoor gyms, a steam room, a sauna, and a dedicated children’s play area.

In addition to an infinity pool, valet parking, and 24-hour security, the luxury amenities that the Miami development has to offer to provide an attractive living experience for its residents.

miami development 2.jpg


With its location in the heart of Dubai, the Samana Miami development is in a highly sought-after market. Investor-friendly laws within the UAE such as additional transaction reporting requirements and Dubai’s strict property advertising restrictions are key in facilitating this. But also, Dubai’s Golden Visa Scheme provides an appealing incentive for highly skilled people to study or work in the UAE for up to 10 years.

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