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Bloom Holding unveils ‘Toledo’ – Bloom Living’s second phase

Article-Bloom Holding unveils ‘Toledo’ – Bloom Living’s second phase


The second phase of Bloom Living, a major real estate development in Abu Dhabi, called Toledo has officially been launched. Bloom Living is an inclusive community being developed by Bloom Holdings. The beginning of the second phase, Toledo, comes after the extraordinary success of Bloom Living’s first stage, Cordoba. Cordoba is scheduled for completion in Q4 of 2024 and sold out within four hours of going on sale.

Construction on the foundational work of Bloom Living’s first stage, Cordoba, has begun just this month with contractors being recently appointed for the foundational work of the project.

Detached villas and townhouses in the second phase, Toledo, which gets its name from the historic Spanish city, will start going on sale. Two- and three-bedroom townhouses are available, with sizes ranging from 120 square meters to 171 square meters. But also, a variety of three- to five-bedroom detached homes between 254 and 428 square meters will also be available. The starting price of these residences is AED 1.6 million, with this phase of the Bloom Living development anticipated for completion in Q2 of 2025.

There has already been a very favorable response to Bloom Living’s first stage, Cordoba, which sold out in just four hours after being listed on the market and is expected to be completed by Q4 of 2024. This not only conveys Bloom's special ability to recognize and meet market demands by creating premium residential apartments in fully integrated mixed-use neighborhoods. But it also conveys how as one of Abu Dhabi’s top real estate developers, Bloom Living is successfully keeping up to speed with the continuously changing and diverse real estate market within Abu Dhabi.

Bloom Holding’s strategy to create a top-standard mixed-use luxury community, with its distinctive architecture, great craftsmanship, and contemporary amenities has resulted in encouraging sales to date, with the new apartments expected to perform just as well.


Toledo’s residents will have a wide variety of amenities at their disposal and are conveniently located nearby. Residents may enjoy their time at the community's main Clubhouse, which offers convenient access to pools, sports, and recreational facilities, as well as a wellness center, and the many parks within the Bloom Living development. Additionally, a Town Center with a variety of retail and F&B alternatives is located in the center of Bloom Living

With dedicated routes for running, jogging, and riding bikes, Bloom Living will also feature a sizeable lake at its center. But equally, multi-purpose amphitheaters and sunset and sunrise plazas will offer breathtaking views for leisure activities and meetings.

A community center with two swimming pools and two child-friendly play areas immersed in beautiful scenery and lush vegetation is also a core component of the development. It serves as a way to encourage an active and healthy lifestyle. Factors such as having two high-quality schools and mosques that can easily be traveled to on foot or by walking also aid this active lifestyle and more sustainable way of living.


Over 4,000 residential units, including a variety of villas, townhouses, and apartments are available at Bloom Living. These will be constructed across a 2.2 million square meter area to meet the individual demands of residents regardless of their generation.

The architecture of Bloom Living draws its rustic aesthetic from the Mediterranean. The approach effortlessly combines traditional Spanish design with modern finishings. Equally, the gated neighborhood is near the Abu Dhabi International Airport and is situated in Zayed City. So, the Bloom Living development is in an ideal location.

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