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Akar completes standout $19.2M landscaping project in Dubai

Article-Akar completes standout $19.2M landscaping project in Dubai

La Mer Beach Jumeirah
The landscaping development in the Jumeirah beachfront district has helped enhance the attractiveness and global appeal of Dubai.

Akar Technical Services, a leading landscaping contractor in the UAE, has announced the successful completion of its $19.2 million soft and hard landscaping project at Port de La Mer in Dubai. The project is part of the 9.5-million-sq-ft comprehensive development in the Jumeirah beachfront district. Aimed at enhancing the social and economic capabilities of Dubai this project is setting new global benchmarks for beachfront developments.


The project involved the planting of more than 1,000 trees and over 40,000 shrubs. These plants spread across four district zones to form a green belt along the roadsides of the area. Approximately 50,000 ground covers and 5,000 climbers/grasses were also used. These add textures, shapes, and colour to the space.


Akar also made took steps to create a durable, resistant, and easy-to-maintain development. To do so Akar installed hardscaping elements like precast concrete kerbs, porcelain pavers, and more.  Decomposed gravel, play area surface (sand), pots, shade structure, and water features were also added. These have all created an ideal combination of dry and water hardscapes.


Akar uses innovative technologies and methods to install its landscaping projects across Dubai. Executive Director Adnan Nalwala emphasized the company's goal to achieve sustainability. He also expressed the company’s goal of improving air quality and boosting the community's well-being through its landscaping projects.


 Akar Director Raja Subedi said: "Our emphasis on sound project management and ensuring that all technical matters are addressed in due course has enabled us to execute this project. This would have not been possible without the support of the consultants and client on site."  

"To illuminate the area, improving the beauty, safety, and security of the Port de La Mer, landscape lights to the tune of approximately 1,500, strips and cables have been installed by Akar to let the visitors and residents enjoy their outdoor living spaces after the sun goes down", he added.


The project's completion not only enhances the beauty and liveability of the area.  But it also helps boost the attractiveness and global appeal of Dubai. It also serves as a testament to Akar's commitment to sound project management and technical excellence. This cements its position as a leading player in the UAE's building and landscaping industries.


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