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Sharjah initiates ‘Holiday Homes Project’ to diversify tourism revenues

Article-Sharjah initiates ‘Holiday Homes Project’ to diversify tourism revenues

Regulatory framework launched to facilitate holiday homes project in the emirate of Sharjah.

An initiative to construct more holiday homes in Sharjah has been established to help diversify revenue streams within the city's tourism sector. But the project is also set to play a key role in assisting homeowners who want to rent out their properties as holiday homes.

Guidelines for the project were drawn up by the Sharjah Commerce and Tourism Development Authority (SCTDA). This has allowed for a strong regulatory framework to facilitate smooth collaboration with many government and commercial institutions within the United Arab Emirates.

The SCTDA is collaborating and coordinating with numerous Sharjah government agencies to develop strong regulatory procedures. The institutions include the Sharjah Municipality, the Department of Economic Development, the Sharjah Department of Planning and Surveying, the Sharjah General Directorate of Civil Defence, and the Sharjah Police.

As a result of this framework, the project adheres to the best international practices and standards for operating holiday homes. It provides a variety of necessary information regarding the operational needs, classification criteria, infringements, and processes. This will allow the project to run smoothly, legally, and safely.


Sharjah currently has over 300-holiday homes, according to estimates. The first year of the holiday homes project will increase this by 50% with the addition of 150 fully registered and licensed holiday homes in the city.

According to a statement made by Khalid Jasim Al Midfa, the Chairman of the SCTDA, the project will require around 15 operational businesses, and the holiday homeowners will have three months to finish the necessary documentation process. The project’s initial phase comprises arranging field inspections, broader inspection campaigns, and then digital follow-ups of holiday homes and the people who own or operate the homes.


The aspirations of the Emirate’s to consistently enhance their tourism sector have reached a significant milestone with Sharjah’s Tourism Holiday Homes project. The initiative not only provides the UAE’s tourism environment with new innovative services, but it also offers homeowners in Sharjah the ability to benefit from the increase in demand for real estate that a growing quantity of international visitors demands.

With the strong legislative and regulatory framework in place, the collaboration will be increased between government authorities and holiday homeowners. This will ensure a strong level of consistency is maintained throughout the project and the hospitality services it will provide for tourists.

Equally, the Sharjah Tourism Holiday Homes Project comes at a time when short-term rentals are becoming increasingly attractive for tourists and property owners in the UAE. So, the project is seeking to leverage this by aiming to optimize guest experiences. This will be facilitated by assuring high-quality categorization criteria for holiday homes as well as providing further staycation alternatives around the emirate of Sharjah.

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