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Mohammed bin Rashid approves master plan for Dubai’s countryside

Article-Mohammed bin Rashid approves master plan for Dubai’s countryside

Mohammed bin Rashid approves master plan for Dubai’s countryside - Al Qudra already provides various sporting activities
The master plan focuses on developing the rural areas and countryside in and around Dubai, to further enhance the experience Dubai has to offer.

The Dubai Countryside and Rural Areas Development Master Plan, covering a region of 2,216 km2, has received the approval of Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President, Prime Minister, and Ruler of Dubai, according to Wam.

The plan aims to maintain the natural beauty of places like Lehbab, Margham, Al Marmoom, Al Lisaili, Al Faqaa, and Al Aweer while also offering locals and tourists a range of services and facilities to aid greater health and well-being.


In keeping with the Dubai Urban Strategy 2040, the Dubai Countryside and Rural Areas Development Master Plan will function as a comprehensive strategy for the next 20 years. The Plan contains development projects and activities to meet the requirements of people, in keeping with Sheikh Mohammed's aim of making Dubai the best city in the world to live in.

The Master Plan will give each district in Dubai a unique character, encourage farmers by allowing them to sell their local produce, and turn Dubai's rural and suburban districts into popular places of interest. The Plan intends to enhance public parks and traffic solutions to facilitate mobility as well as increase the effectiveness of public services and amenities for locals and tourists. It also aims to provide environmentally friendly transit systems with direct bus services from the major stations to these locations and dedicated bike and scooter lanes.


The Saih Al Salam Scenic Route (Route 1) project, a 100km-long route for cars and cyclists, was also authorised by Sheikh Mohammed. The project will contain facilities to offer a comprehensive tourism experience and will adhere to the Scenic Route concept. It strives to expand the range of activities, services, and events that support desert tourism. Additionally, the project will provide locals with attractive investment opportunities, assist community initiatives that promote tourism and inspire businesspeople to protect the area's natural beauty and unique characteristics. These will all have positive impacts on Dubai’s ability to meet the targets set out by the Dubai Vision 2040.

The Route 1 project also consists of several additional initiatives and projects. These range from services and facilities for visitors along the route, tours to the historic villages of Al-Marmoom and Saruq-Al-Hadid, and other activities like camel and horseback riding, and desert walks.

Camps and glass dome lodges with panoramic windows will also be constructed, along with open lounges where guests may unwind next to the local lakes. As part of the project, vertical balloons will be offered so that people may observe the lakes from a higher perspective, appreciate the scenery, and take photos. To further enhance the visiting experience, kayak boats will also be accessible, along with lake-side gift stores and cafes.

Along with events and art displays, the Saih Al Salam Scenic Route 1 Project will also offer an outdoor cinematic experience through the Open Cinema project. A caravan park with the necessary facilities and infrastructure is already in place to accommodate caravans and additional visitors.


A range of sporting initiatives are also included in the project. Other sporting activities included in the project are skydiving, hot air ballooning, safari excursions, and a club for remote-controlled cars and planes. The first dedicated path for desert vehicles and bikes is also included. This is acting to connect tourist destinations and entertainment hubs alongside the pre-existing cycling track at Al Qudra and Saih Al Salam.

Along with other facilities, the project will include a dessert station for activities like sand surfing and desert driving so that tourists may have a unique experience while maintaining the greatest levels of safety. To provide tourists, the opportunity to observe the landscape from above, the project will also provide helicopter trips.

Ultimately, these projects collectively strive to enhance the happiness and quality of life among Dubai’s residents. But they also serve as a strong mechanism to boost the emirate’s tourism sector by creating a highly attractive and activity-rich environment.

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