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Emirates subsidiary reports promising outlook for UAE hospitality

Dubai hospitality
Yalago highlights surging demand in UAE hospitality and its plans to continue expanding its services all around the world.

Yalago, a part of Emirates Group, saw a 92% increase in hotel reservations in 2022. This makes the company one of the world's fastest-expanding leisure bed banks.

The wholesale specialist recently announced strong traveller numbers. But they also gave data on their spending per booking and length of stay.


Yalago found that travellers are paying 30% more for bookings and prefer all-inclusive plans.  The company also found a preference for five-star accommodations (45%). But they also noticed that tourists are staying for longer with the average length of stay up from four to five nights.

Astrid Kastberg, General Manager of Yalago also offers some strong insights. She conveys that with foreign travel resuming, there is a strong demand for Yalago's locations. As travel return to pre-pandemic levels, she predicts that this tendency will persist. This is more so in Asian markets that have not yet completely recovered.


Yalago supports travel agencies worldwide with a range of hotels for leisure tourists. The company is best known for its expertise and partnerships in well-known locations. These locations include Dubai, the Indian Ocean, Florida, and Spain. Yalago is increasing its presence in these locations while also expanding worldwide too.

According to Astrid, popular locations include the UAE, the US, the Maldives, and European cities. Southeast Asia has also seen a surge in reservations recently as the Asian population is seeking luxury resorts. So Yalago's exclusive rates and other bonuses keep them within reach.

Recent bookings highlight that tourists are choosing winter sun locations. Dubai, Phuket, Singapore, Bali, Florida, and the Canary Islands rank as the top 6 locations here. New York, Paris, and London are then the most desirable cities for New Year's Eve.

Yalago intends to expand its hotel portfolio in 2023. The company plans to expand in European cities, the Asia-Pacific area, and the Americas, particularly the USA and Brazil. The increasing demand for travel to these regions will boost the accessibility of their properties to a larger worldwide audience.

Also, Yalago is continuing to add in-market teams to its staff. This comes alongside extending its worldwide reach while. But it also allows the company to enhance its local understanding and skill.

The company already has a presence in the UK. But it has recently appointed business development managers in the USA, Switzerland, and Spain. The firm is also growing its staff in Dubai as well as in the UK, the United States, Brazil, Latin America, Asia, and Europe during 2023.


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