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Dubai Sports Sector Plan to develop sports infrastructure in the Emirate

Article-Dubai Sports Sector Plan to develop sports infrastructure in the Emirate

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The Dubai Sports Sector Plan is a 10-year blueprint aimed at growing the GDP contributions of the sport sector in Dubai.

The Dubai Sports Council has launched a 10-year Dubai Sports Sector Plan for the development of the sports sector in the emirate, at the fourth meeting of Dubai Sports Council’s Board of Directors

The initiative is in line with a government mandate to increase the GDP contribution of the sports sector by creating jobs, attracting investments and promoting sports tourism.

Launched under the directives of Sheikh Mansoor Bin Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the Dubai Sports Sector Plan focuses on enabling sports clubs and institutions in Dubai to attract talent, and win sports championships and titles.

Moreover, the Dubai Sports Sector Plan also aims to attract sports investors and entrepreneurs, and highlight Dubai as a central location for innovations and technologies, including in the field of esports and artificial intelligence.

At the meeting, directors of the Dubai Sports Council also evaluated preparations towards upcoming sports events in Dubai, such as international championships in cooperation with Expo 2020 and international sports federations.


The Dubai Sports Sector Plan aims to promote Dubai as a leading destination for major international sporting events, a home for international sports celebrities, and a headquarters base for global and regional sports federations.

This includes the headquarters of the International Olympic Committee-recognised sports federations.

Meanwhile, the initiative also looks to increase the number of local and international sports teams and athletes that are making use of sports facilities and infrastructure located in Dubai.

Another infrastructural focus of the Dubai Sports Sector Plan is to extend the number of sports academies and fitness centres in the emirate, as well as the number of sports events that take place in Dubai.

According to a Deloitte report, the sports sector has an economic impact worth USD 670 million in Dubai. Dubai is “home to world-class facilities and venues, hosting homegrown local, regional and international events,” the report stated. Non-local spectators had the most influence on the direct economic impact of the sports sector in Dubai.

Further, total expenditures related to sports in Dubai exceed USD 1.7 billion, the report stated. 57% of this expenditure was attributed to seven globally recognised annual sports events alone. 

These include the Dubai World Cup, which is the best attended single day of sport with around 80,000 spectators every year, and Emirates Airline Dubai Rugby Sevens, which recorded the highest individual attendance of over 100,000 across three days.


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