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Why you should partner with property management firms in Dubai

Article-Why you should partner with property management firms in Dubai

Dubai Property Management
With Dubai's growing property market, Manage My Property conveys why it's important to partner with proven property management firms for optimal ROI & security.

According to Manage My Property (MMP), Investors and landlords in Dubai's flourishing real estate market should collaborate with established property management businesses. This not only helps ensure stress-free property ownership and maintenance. But it also helps maximise their return on investment (ROI).

Manage My Property (MMP) suggests this strategy to avoid problems with unskilled services. Dubai's real estate sales reached half a trillion dirhams in 2022. This reflects a 76.5% increase over the previous year.


Yet, the recent successes of Dubai's property market have caused an inflow of new property management companies. These companies have no expertise in the local property industry and rules. So, they are creating a potential risk for investors and landlords.

Marcello Arcangeli, CEO of Manage My Property, urges Dubai property investors to prioritise relationships with established property management firms. This will help avoid future issues because working with companies with a proven history helps ensure trouble-free ownership. But it also yields an optimal return on investment too. Performing due diligence should also be undertaken on the desired business by investors. This helps ensure that the company has the ability and structure to suit investor demands.


MMP has 16 years of wealth management experience and a 98% average occupancy rate with zero insolvency events. MMP was also ranked as the top property management business in Dubai by the review website in January 2023. This confirms their continuous performance in UAE real estate management.

Several real estate organisations operate in Dubai's property market. But MMP stands apart by focusing on hassle-free property management. MMP's unique Business Process Management application automates 125 property management procedures. This eliminates the possibility of human error. By charging a percentage of rental income, MMP is also devoted to ensuring optimal ROI for landlords.  The company also follows Dubai Land Department laws.

MMP spokesperson Arcangeli emphasised the company's dedication to building long-term partnerships with landlords. MMP provides individualised help with a specialised property manager. This means that the company can handle anything from inventory to photoshoots and utility connections, among other things. MMP's ISO 27001-certified software can also help landlords speed up the leasing process while saving time and money. Throughout the past 16 years, MMP's commitment to increasing ROI has proven successful. The company has generated over AED 400 million in rental yield.


MMP was founded in 2007 by seasoned investment advisers with over 30 years of international experience in the Dubai property market. The company optimises for ROI and provides reliable support to its investors. MMP also has a reputation for dependability. This is because it has long-term collaborations averaging eight years with a wide range of clients globally. The firm's underlying goal is to make real estate investments lucrative while minimising investor difficulties.


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