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AED 119M Kalba Waterfront in Sharjah to open this year

Article-AED 119M Kalba Waterfront in Sharjah to open this year

kalba waterfront.jpg
Nearing full completion, the picturesque Kalba Waterfront will offer a family-friendly retail experience with a diverse range of shops available.

The Sharjah Investment and Development Authority (Shurooq) stated that the construction of the largest retail and first inclusive waterfront location, kalba waterfront, is nearly fully complete.

The waterfront development in the Eastern region of Sharjah has been developed by the joint venture between Shurooq and Eagle Hills, Eagle Hills Sharjah Development. It is anticipated to open to the public in the fourth quarter of 2022.

In a convenient location, the Kalba Waterfront development is not only 4km away from Kalba City Centre and 3km away from the border with Oman. But the development is also only 10km away from Fujairah and 13km away from Fujairah Airport.


Influenced by the legacy and ambiance of traditional markets in locations like Cairo and Sharjah, the interior elements of Kalba Waterfront have been designed to create an attractive ambiance. The spatial dimensions and internal sections and corridors are architected to closely mimic the atmosphere of old traditional streets within markets like these.  

Spanning 183,000 m2, Kalba will also have an inclusive family-friendly entertainment and retail sector. There are also still some available investment opportunities remaining in the AED 199 million project. These investment opportunities have an attractive appeal given the increasingly attractive UAE real estate market. Localized initiatives such as Sharjah’s Holiday Homes Project, but also the broader extensive capital inflows into the UAE real estate market act as key contributors towards this.

Overlooking an aesthetic and peaceful mangrove-lined lagoon, the Kalba Waterfront is located in one of the most serene and beautiful regions of Sharjah, according to the acting CEO of Shurooq, Ahmed Obaid Al Qaseer. The lagoon is a popular location for nature enthusiasts and those who want to be at one with nature.

A long promenade along the lagoon, eighty retail units, and a variety of indoor and outdoor eating options are some key features of the project. When paired with the contemporary architectural style, this will provide a standout retail experience for visitors to Kalba Waterfront.

Covering 1,600 m2, recreational space appealing to children of all ages and young adults is also a strong appeal of the development. The area will leverage the concept of ‘sportainment’. This will include a whole host of engaging activities like zip wires, climbing, rope courses, trampolines, skating, free falls, simulators, and video games to name a few.

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