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Yas Island to become a leading metaverse destination

Article-Yas Island to become a leading metaverse destination

Yas island
Ambitious plans for a virtual replica of Yas Island that will be integrated into the metaverse present Abu Dhabi with an innovative opportunity.

Yas Island in Abu Dhabi will soon be virtually replicated. This comes as part of efforts to transform the island into a leading metaverse destination. This comes at a time when metaverse technology is seeing strong demand as an exciting PropTech innovation in the MENA region.

The innovative project is being developed by a coalition of important Abu Dhabi-based organizations. These include Abu Dhabi's Department of Culture and Tourism, Aldar, Flash Entertainment, and Yas Island to name a few. This project aims to give visitors an experience of what Abu Dhabi has to offer in the real world from the comfort of their own homes.


The end product will be a fully functional and immersive metaverse environment. Thus, enabling visitors from anywhere in the world to explore Yas Island's attractions from the comfort and convenience of their homes. It is anticipated that users will be able to interact, socialize, create, transact, and play throughout the virtual environment. So, people will be able to explore the diverse range of attractions at Yas Park in a digital format. These will not only range from the creating and buying of digital houses to experiencing the various theme parks. But the experience will also include the ability to discover cultural attractions, and access unique events, along with access to world-class golf courses, and a motorsport racing track. With this, each user’s unique experience will be topped off with customizable avatars and surprises.

The island is currently being developed using a variety of cutting-edge metaverse platforms, such as The Sandbox and Roblox. But it is equally being driven by Super League Gaming, a world leader in metaverse gaming and experiences. The Yas Island Metaverse will be active and accessible to online visitors after it is finished in early 2023.


Embracing innovative metaverse technology to increase the appeal of Yas Island and Abu Dhabi is a smart move. The project will positively contribute to the efforts such as Abu Dhabi’s Economic Vision 2030 within Abu Dhabi and the UAE. Efforts as such have a strong focus on diversifying the economy away from oil dependence.

Equally, this project offers a fresh viewpoint that enables people all around the world to learn about Abu Dhabi in their own time and space. This coincides with the continued expansion and diversification of what the emirate has to offer. The cutting-edge, interactive platform is ideal for showcasing the opportunities Abu Dhabi offers to all tourists. It will also empower both virtual residents and visitors to create their custom Abu Dhabi itinerary within a new reality.

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