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Netix unveil innovative real estate funding strategy to tackle the energy crisis

Article-Netix unveil innovative real estate funding strategy to tackle the energy crisis

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Netix Global is aiming to fully fund the integration of its technology-driven smart building systems in the Middle East to help realize a net-zero world.

A breakthrough sustainability finance model for the Middle East and the rest of the globe has been unveiled by Netix Global BV. Netix Global BV is a top developer of smart city solutions and a subsidiary of SB Group International. The innovative funding strategy, which was created in collaboration with one of the biggest European energy and automation funds, has significant implications. Implications for the efforts of Middle Eastern countries to achieve net-zero status. But equally as an important implication for resolving Europe's energy problem and on a broader international scale too.

Netix has become recognized as a pioneer in the smart building trend. Their goal is to adapt existing building systems for enhanced energy efficiency, cost reductions, and sustainable changes. The company leverages AI and Internet-of-Things-led smart solutions to do so. Netix Global is currently preparing to completely fund these solutions as smart upgrades for a widespread impact. It aims to do so to help attain net-zero targets globally, such as the aspirations of the UAE and KSA for the years 2050 and 2060, respectively.

During its operations, Netix Global has acquired statistically significant data supporting the effectiveness of AI and IoT-driven solutions in monitoring, lowering, and optimizing building energy use. Through utilizing technology to design innovative solutions, they are now supporting the net-zero vision of the globe. They are doing so by converting properties into sustainable and energy-efficient structures. The foundation of these specialist solutions delivered by Netix is forward-thinking. It is based on the principles of machine learning, artificial intelligence, and the Internet of Things.


In the Middle East, Netix has developed a reputation for impact-driven projects. The Netix-Novus Partner Program was previously introduced by the corporation (whose headquarters are in the Netherlands). This was to construct a dynamic ecosystem of service providers and spark innovative developments on brownfield sites.

Netix’s solutions are used all over the world. Yet their presence in the Middle East is particularly strong. They have clients across 18 communities developed by Emaar, 30 towers developed by Damac, and 77 Etisalat-developed buildings as a few of many examples in the Middle East region. Overall, Netix’s “Intelligence Integrated Building Management Systems” are utilized across many hundreds of developments throughout the Middle East. These systems utilize innovative technologies such as smart metering systems, and energy and lighting control systems. But also include many other energy-saving and efficiency-led technologies.

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