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A look inside the world’s first metaverse mansion

Article-A look inside the world’s first metaverse mansion

A world first, Hampton Hall will be available to purchase both in physical and digital form.

Living in a luxury mansion in the beautiful British countryside is a dream – and a far stretch from reality, at that – for most. But why should the dream end there? A true reflection of today’s rapidly digitising world, the recently revealed Hampton Hall, offers luxury living in both the real, physical world and in the metaverse.

Hailed as the world’s first metaverse mansion, this lavish new-build country home is a crypto-billionaire’s pipedream, come true.

The developer responsible for the property, Stately Homes, revealed plans to build Hampton Hall in the gated Crown Estate in Oxshott, Surrey in the UK. A dual listing priced at around GBP 29 million (USD 40 million), an identical digital version will also be up for grabs in the metaverse.


A first in real estate history, it is possible that the property may be purchased by two separate legal owners, introducing new opportunities and questions around the future of the global property industry. The mansion’s digital twin will be offered to the buyer of the physical property on a first refusal basis, in the form of a non-fungible token (NFT).

Gaining attention and popularity across the globe alongside the rise in cryptocurrencies, NTFs are digital assets that represent proof of ownership of real-life objects ranging from real estate to pieces of art and clothing, on blockchain.

Earlier this year, a virtual plot of real estate was sold in the metaverse, Decentraland, for a record-breaking sum of USD 2.43 million, in an act which incited interest and intrigue for many real estate professionals and investors about the possibilities for the future of the industry.

Whoever chooses to purchase Hampton Hall NTF will have the ability to download a digital version of the property in the metaverse, and could then use the space to host guests, decorate, or simply relax, within the home’s virtual grounds.

“NFTs are a real trend at the moment," Sean Barrett, managing director of Fine & Country estate agents in Richmond, told The Times after having recently sold an NFT of a home in Surrey, for two percent of the property’s GBP 5 million sale price.


Covering over 2,700 square meters situated on a 1.3-acre plot, the new-build country manor will comprise a total of 70 rooms, including 11 bedrooms.

Catering to the luxury market, the property will also feature an indoor swimming pool and spa complex, a fully equipped gym, and garage with space for up to six vehicles.

Designed as a space for entertaining, the property is also set to offer a car gallery, home cinema, snooker room and bowling lanes.

So, will metaverse mansions become the hot new craze amongst the world’s wealthy? That remains to be seen for now, but for those who are tempted, Hampton Hall is available via the online NTF marketplace OpenSea.

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