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Exciting partnership to enhance KSA construction technology

Article-Exciting partnership to enhance KSA construction technology

WakeCap WakeCap Partners with EarthCam to Enhance Construction Technology.jpg
WakeCap partners with EarthCam to enhance construction technology (photo credits: WakeCap)
WakeCap partners with EarthCam to revolutionise construction technology in Saudi Arabia, combining expertise to enhance project management and safety.

WakeCap has announced an exciting partnership with EarthCam. They will combine EarthCam's visual data with WakeCap's connected worker solutions. This collaboration will benefit construction sites across Saudi Arabia.


Both WakeCap and EarthCam are leaders in their respective fields. WakeCap excels in connected worker solutions, while EarthCam leads in construction camera technology. By joining forces, they aim to offer a comprehensive solution for the construction industry in Saudi Arabia.


Dr. Hassan Albalawi, CEO and co-founder of WakeCap, highlighted their technology's benefits. He explained how WakeCap digitizes data collection. This allows site owners to understand exactly what’s happening on large-scale projects. Real-time insights help streamline operations. Partnering with EarthCam, a leader in live streaming video and AI analytics, will enhance their offerings further.

Brian Cury, CEO and founder of EarthCam, highlighted the benefits of this collaboration. He said EarthCam’s visual data and WakeCap’s telematics solutions will offer powerful new insights for construction project management teams. He noted this partnership with WakeCap will bring new capabilities to their shared clients. These benefits will extend to clients in the KSA and beyond.


This initiative is part of EarthCam’s growth in the EMEA region. EarthCam leads the industry with quick-to-deploy solutions for project monitoring and time-lapse documentation. Their visual data from job sites keeps construction workers safe. They also provide highly-regarded construction time-lapse videos worldwide. So, EarthCam’s new edge computer vision and AI object-detection software improve worker efficiency and reduce risks for stakeholders.


Monsha'at facilitated the collaboration between WakeCap and EarthCam. Established in 2016, Monsha'at is the Small and Medium Enterprises General Authority in Saudi Arabia. It regulates, supports, and develops the SME sector in the Kingdom. Operating independently under the Ministry of Commerce, Monsha'at aims to increase SME productivity. By 2030, it seeks to raise SMEs' contribution to the GDP from 20% to 35%.


WakeCap and EarthCam partnering marks a big advancement in Saudi Arabia's construction tech. They're combining their skills to boost project management on construction sites. Monsha'at supports this collaboration to bring innovative solutions to the industry. Their goal is to help SMEs grow and improve the construction sector. This partnership aims to provide valuable insights and enhance project management for construction sites in Saudi Arabia.

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