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Disruptive PropTech startup PRYPTO launches in the MENA region

Article-Disruptive PropTech startup PRYPTO launches in the MENA region

PropTech startup PRYPTO is striving to improve the standard for how people interact with real estate in the MENA region
With strong partnerships and established expertise at its disposal, PRYPTO aims to be the go-to platform for MENA real estate and also has global ambitions.

Ground-breaking PropTech startup PRYPTO is striving to improve the standard for how people interact with real estate in the MENA region and beyond. The startup was founded by the successful real estate mogul, businesswoman and entrepreneur, Amira Sajwani. Amira is also the company's CEO and has bold ambitions to transform the MENA real estate market with PRYPTO.


PRYPTO creates an enjoyable real estate experience by bringing investors, buyers, brokers, agents, and homeowners together within one platform. By simplifying the process of property ownership and the provision of individualized advice from business development, sales, and mortgage executives, it is an ecosystem that prioritizes the needs of its users.

Buying your ideal house or making an investment in real estate involves numerous complexities. This can often become overwhelming and difficult to navigate for people who lack experience in the real estate industry. So, PRYPTO strives to provide a comprehensive and customer-centric approach that helps people navigate the real estate ecosystem. The startup's focus is on providing a single portal that offers a whole ecosystem with everything people need and want throughout the property ownership process.  


Sajwani has a long history in the real estate industry and provides a plethora of knowledge to PRYPTO. Strong alliances with top real estate brokers, sales representatives, and international financial institutions, as well as her technical expertise, serve as the company's bedrock. This, therefore, positions the company in an ideal position to leverage its available knowledge and partnerships to its advantage,

The newly formed startup's staff has a combined background that includes deliverables totalling more than AED 2 billion in mortgages, 1,000+ pleased customers, and 500+ pre-approvals. Customers and agents will benefit equally from the entirely digital portal's specialized dashboard, rapid approvals, and commissions that will be paid directly through the platform. In the future, PRYPTO will also offer services for fractional ownership, rent-now-pay-later (RNPL), buyouts, equity release, mortgages, and other ground-breaking PropTech ideas.

The vision for PRYPTO is for the company to become a dominant PropTech player and property investment platform in the Middle Eastern real estate market. But the startup also has broader and more ambitious plans to expand its operations on both a regional and global scale.

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