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What will demand in MENA’s residential market look like post Covid-19?


Colliers white paper “The Shape of Future Demand” focuses on how COVID-19 will change demand for the residential sector in post COVID-19 world in the MENA region. The popularity and success of residential communities is dependent on the ability to incorporate supporting social infrastructures such as open spaces, healthcare, education, retail and F&B. Colliers International mentions in the report that the “failure to implement and execute supporting social infrastructure often results in higher vacancy levels, lower trading densities, reduced price premiums and dampened investor appetite.”

This notion particularly holds true as we move towards a post covid-19 world, as families seek residential communities with more open spaces, fitness activities, and safely organized community engagement. In this report, Colliers looks at how covid-19 has altered the buyer’s preferences and shifted the demand for MENA’s residential market.


Understand how to re-position new developments in a post-covid world by downloading the full report.

What will demand in MENA’s residential market look like post Covid-19?