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A new tech tool for Russia’s real estate brokers in 2021

Article-A new tech tool for Russia’s real estate brokers in 2021

Technology for Borkers
In 2021, the Fincase team will be launching a new service for the automated appraisal of real estate units.

Fincase, a Russian based company that provides IT solutions for real estate management based on artificial intelligence, has developed a tool to aid brokers in conducting faster transactions with legal purity.

The pandemic has given a strong boost to digitization. After the appearance of virtual tours, online bidding, document processing and data collection via the Internet, it seems that now the job of a realtor is not needed. The buyer himself finds an apartment on the site, negotiates a deal himself, controls everything himself. But there is just one thing - the human factor and the experience of a specialist.

Previously, people contacted real estate agents as soon as the idea of selling or buying a house appeared, but now, buyers and sellers look at ads on websites to find their dream home, eliminating the need for an agent altogether. However, they still turn to professionals to aid them in choosing the best option, clarify the terms of the deal, organize a virtual or real viewing, and so on. In this scenario, technological progress works in favour of the agent. Artificial intelligence helps to understand the trends and preferences of customers and suggest options based not only on square meters, but also on hundreds of parameters that are important to a particular investor. Aggregators and marketplaces allow an agent to quickly receive information about new properties, organize online viewings and make a list of offers suitable for the client.


Since 2014, Fincase has been developing the performance of Russia’s largest banks, departments and developers with its innovative IT solutions. Market analysis and a survey of 100 top realtors in Moscow showed that the two main problems in their work are related to calculating the market value of a property and checking its legal purity.

In 2021, the Fincase team will be launching a new service for the automated appraisal of real estate units. The main advantage of the project is the combination of speed, information reliability, and the ease of use. The property is evaluated within 3 seconds and the report is shared with the user along with a list of similar offers in the market.

Тo check the legal purity of a property, the team has created a united integrator platform with the necessary information sources. Lawyers can check the data on a transaction on more than 10 different websites. Aggregation of all resources will result in a faster and more reliable factual accuracy check and eliminate human errors.

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