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MNHD reveals SAFE fractional property ownership model in Egypt

Article-MNHD reveals SAFE fractional property ownership model in Egypt

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With its vast experience in the Egyptian market Madinet Nasr for Housing and Development (MNHD) has announced its exciting fractional ownership model.

Madinet Nasr for Housing and Development (MNHD) is offering a new way to invest in the Egyptian real estate market. The company has introduced the "SAFE" (Secure Assets for Fixed Earnings) investment opportunity. This model allows customers to own fractional shares in property.


Fractional property ownership was first introduced in Egypt by Minka Development. But this company was later acquired by MNHD. So, with MNHD’s experience in the Egyptian market spanning over 63 years, the company is adopting this innovation to further meet customer needs.

The fractional property model is a new and safe way to invest in real estate. This model offers attractive prices and a fixed return on investment. So this PropTech innovation will help create a more accessible Egyptian real estate investing market. This is particularly important as the Egyptian population and the demand for real estate continues to rise.


The SAFE fractional property ownership model is being introduced through a flagship project called “The Hoft”.  The Hoft is a hybrid property that includes serviced apartments, offices, co-working spaces, and a commercial plaza, all in one building. It's located in the business district of Taj City, New Cairo, and spans 3.5 million sqm. The Hoft offers customers the best of both worlds, with attractive design and modern facilities.

SAFE allows customers to own a piece of The Hoft that is 4 meters or more. This offers a competitive price and a fixed return on investments and ownership rights. During the construction, customers will receive periodic returns on investment. These payments will then continue when the construction ends. Payments will also be possible in cash or installments to suit the preferences of all investors

MNHD's CEO, Eng. Abdallah Sallam, says that the SAFE concept provides a way to encourage investment in real estate, with fractional property ownership. The company aims to make the real estate market a safe place for investment. But it also wants to offer an effective way to grow wealth at the same time.

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