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District 5 New Cairo by MARAKEZ - investing in your well-being

Article-District 5 New Cairo by MARAKEZ - investing in your well-being

MARAKEZ Finished exterior of the TAM Gallery in District 5 New Cairo Capital - MARAKEZ.jpg
Finished exterior of the TAM Gallery in District 5 New Cairo (Photo credits: MARAKEZ)
MARAKEZ's District 5 New Cairo offers a blend of modern living, outdoor adventure, and business opportunities in a prime location for Egyptian real estate.

MARAKEZ, a top player in Egyptian real estate, has big plans for District 5 New Cairo. Picture a place with a unique blend of modern living and outdoor adventure. A vibrant community where families thrive, businesses flourish, and relaxation is at your feet. That’s the reality at District 5 New Cairo.

The developer is set to transform living in New Cairo with this mixed-use development project. Drawing on their experience in retail, services, and residential development, MARAKEZ is ready to make this vision a reality. They are bringing their expertise to create an ambitious and innovative project.


MARAKEZ strategically selected a 200-acre plot for District 5 New Cairo. This area is in a great location for District 5, connecting the old city to the emerging New Capital. It's easy to reach from Road 90, Cairo Airport, Maadi, Madinet Nasr, and the Red Sea.

This project is also right by the Cairo Ain Sokhna highway and next to the Wadi Degla Protectorate.  So, it is in an ideal location. This means residents can reach city amenities with ease and enjoy nature too.


District 5 gets its name from being near New Cairo’s 5th Settlement. It also represents five important elements of a strong community. MARAKEZ is using this area to offer a great experience for families, businesses, and visitors.


District Five Residences focus on outdoor living in a safe setting. They offer trail systems, bike lanes, parks, and plazas. Here, residents can enjoy an active lifestyle with modern designs and spacious interiors.


The Lifestyle Centre in District 5 has loads of fun things to do too. From cafes and restaurants to cinemas and theatres, there are many options. Plus, there's an outdoor plaza with green spaces and play areas for families and kids. So, this centre caters to a vast range of entertainment needs for the community.

On top of this, the district's Wellness Centre promotes residents' well-being. It offers tracks, pools, gyms, and sports pitches. Here, People can take part in fitness activities and classes for physical and mental wellness.

MARAKEZ also partnered with Decathlon to open a major store in District 5 New Cairo. This is Decathlon’s eighth store in Egypt, opening on the 3rd of July, 2024. In doing so, this partnership aims to provide high-quality lifestyle options for residents and visitors. It also integrates well with District Five’s comprehensive development plan. This aligns with MARAKEZ’s vision of creating a central hub uniting sports, fashion, and creative industries.

MARAKEZMARAKEZ Partners with Decathlon to Open Major Store in District 5 New Cairo



MARAKEZ has focused on making District 5 easy to walk around. They have done so by putting shops, supermarkets, banks, pharmacies, and more near homes. In doing so, people who live there have easy access to everything they need.


District 5 offers a modern commercial area.  This creates a good environment for businesses and entrepreneurs. For example, the development includes offices and co-working spaces. These both encourage networking and collaboration among businesses in the local area. In doing so, this can create more jobs and attract talent to the area.


MARAKEZ understands how important infrastructure is for connectivity. That is why they've built two bridges over the Ain Sokhna Highway. These bridges make it easier for people to get from District 5 to New Cairo and nearby areas. So, residents and visitors can travel around with ease thanks to these improvements.


District 5 New Cairo brings a new way of living. Its strategic location and innovative approach change how people see real estate. MARAKEZ guarantees excellence, offering residents convenience, comfort, and connectivity.

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