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5 Things to look out for at Abu Dhabi’s Al Qana

Article-5 Things to look out for at Abu Dhabi’s Al Qana

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Amongst its many attractions, Al Qana will feature a riviera-style marina as well as the largest aquarium in the Middle East.

The planned development of Al Qana is all set to open to the public later this year. The waterfront social dining and entertainment destination in Abu Dhabi, which spans 2.4 kilometres, features a number of entertainment and leisure activities. 

Al Qana has been conceptualised as a hub for immersive experiences, including on-ground water shows, live performances, gaming hubs and an esports arena, and underwater aquarium.

At the start of the year, the construction of the development was on schedule, with overall completion rates standing at 90%.

“Al Qana is our ultimate touristic project that will provide a very unique experience we all envision for the Entertainment and Tourism sectors in the UAE. As the tourism sector recovers from the travel restrictions due to the pandemic, Al Qana would be ready to receive visitors in 2021,” Fouad Mashal, CEO of Al Barakah International Investment, developer of Al Qana, said in an earlier statement.

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1. Riviera-Style Marina

The Al Qana Marina will feature seafood restaurants and cafes, in addition to marine services. The marina’s 105 boat berths can accommodate yachts of up to 65 feet. Boat owners can avail a membership scheme at the marina as well. The marina is equipped with 24-hour security, vessel monitoring, and emergency response equipment.

2. The National Aquarium

Al Qana’s The National Aquarium will house over 200 sharks and rays representing 25 different species, the largest such collection in the Middle East. It will also be home to the Scalloped Hammerhead Sharks and the Bull Sharks, a first for the region. Set to be the largest aquarium in the Middle East, The National Aquarium has also partnered with the Environment Agency Abu Dhabi to protect and rehabilitate wildlife in Abu Dhabi.

3. VR and Esports Hub

Al Qana will be home to what will be the largest esports and virtual reality (VR) gaming complex in the region. Called PIXEL, this Location-Based Entertainment format will be open to families, gamers and tech enthusiasts. Robocom VR will supply the content and technology for the PIXEL Gaming Hub.

Abu Dhabi Al Qana 2

4. Coffee F&B Concepts

The waterfront destination has partnered with Cartel Coffee Roasters, Joud Café, Notorious Café and Space Café to promote coffee culture. Each of these outlets will offer their iterations of emerging coffee trends through their menus, design and service.

5. The Bridge Wellness Hub

The Bridge is a multipurpose space for fitness, culture and wellness. It will feature a gym, with personal training and group exercise classes, stress reduction therapy programs, F&B outlets, adventure travel desks and more.

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