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Qatar to prosper with 89% rise in hotel rooms by 2025

Article-Qatar to prosper with 89% rise in hotel rooms by 2025

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With significant investments in its hospitality and tourism sectors, Qatar is set to prosper beyond the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

The number of hotel rooms in Qatar could increase by 89% to more than 56,000 by 2025. This is according to recent research from Knight Frank, the international real estate consultancy. Knight Frank also highlights implementing these hotel rooms will come at an estimated cost of US$7 billion.

These future development costs are heavily spread across 5-star and 4-star accommodations in Qatar. Of the US$7 billion development costs, US$4 billion will be 5-star rooms, and US$1 billion will be 4-star rooms. Then, US$703 million of the costs will be serviced apartments, and US$571 million will be 3-star rooms and below. So, this expenditure is geared more towards high-end accommodation in Qatar


Equally, Knight Frank highlights Qatar’s hospitality market is anticipated to grow by 12% to reach $54.6 billion by 2030. So, this hospitality ambition laid out by Qatar is looking to leverage this growth to the fullest.

Alongside, this hospitality strategy, by 2030, US$45 billion will be spent on growing Qatar’s tourism sector. This forms a key component of Qatar’s National Tourism Sector Strategy 2030.

So, in combination with the increased hospitality expenditure, this increased tourism expenditure is also at the forefront of diversifying Qatar’s economy. This involves shifting away from an economy historically driven by oil to one that is more sustainable and diversified. This is an approach that is being adopted by other countries throughout the Middle East too.


The upcoming 2022 FIFA World Cup will also offer a huge boost to Qatar’s hospitality industry. Qatar is temporarily increasing its hotel capacity for the world cup with 3,900 luxury cruise ship cabins. These cabins are spread across two cruise ships currently moored in Qatar, with a third ship arriving soon. Equally, to accommodate one million World Cup supporters, cabin-like rooms are also being swiftly throughout seven fan villages.

So, this surge in visitors as well as the extensive media exposure will provide an important catalyst for future growth in Qatar’s hospitality and tourism industries. This will also have positive implications for the Qatari real estate market brought about by increases in demand.

While some expert sources point to this influx of demand being short-lived, Knight Frank emphasises that the country’s hospitality industry has its best years ahead of it. With the extensive investments that the nation is making and a well-thought-out strategy to go with it, this will most likely be the case. Yet only time will tell as to how the long-term future of Qatar’s tourism, hospitality, and real estate sectors will pan out.

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