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Neom partners with Ennismore to launch two hotels in Trojena

Article-Neom partners with Ennismore to launch two hotels in Trojena

TROJENA redefining mountain tourism
The futuristically infused hotels are part of the broader vision in Trojena where Hotel Development strives to craft a stand-out tourism hotspot.

Hotel Development, a division of Neom has entered a deal with Ennismore, the rapidly expanding hospitality brand, as its first hotel partner. This comes as part of Hotel Development’s broader aims to create a future-focused hospitality ecosystem in the northwest of Saudi Arabia.

The partnership will occur in Trojena, a mountain resort that will be in Saudi Arabia’s Neom city. It is here where Ennismore will integrate two of its renowned brands: 25hours Hotels and Morgans Originals. This also fits with Hotel Development’s principal objective of creating international partnerships.


By changing how people travel, stay, and live, hotel development aspires to create a forward-thinking and stand-out experience. Their collaboration with Ennismore reflects their goal to pioneer immersive hospitality in a way that will influence hotels throughout Saudi Arabia and beyond.

With their design-centric venues and genuine culinary experiences, 25hours Hotels and Morgans Originals are lifestyle companies with a creative foundation that forge strong bonds with their visitors. Ennismore is eager for its brand to launch in Trojena. This is a distinctive location that will draw both domestic and foreign tourists, as the company expands internationally.

Hotel Development is charged with promoting the development of a top-tier tourism industry to support the diversification objectives of Saudi Vision 2030. So, it is through this partnership that Hotel Development aims to achieve this.


Trojena's unique narrative and design are being developed by the 25hours founder, Christoph Hoffman, and its team, in collaboration with Berlin's Studio Aisslinger. The narrative will include references to both science fiction films and the brand's alpine background. But it will also draw inspiration from the building's futuristic architecture. The 25hours Hotel will offer an on-site movie theatre, a bike shop with coworking space, a farm-to-table restaurant, and a rooftop restaurant with a pool.


The Morgans Originals hotel is planned to transfer visitors away from Trojena's whimsical and natural surroundings and into a setting steeped in the renowned cultural heritage of the company. The hotel will not only have four high-end restaurants, and a 2,000 square meter spa and bathhouse. But the hotel will also feature a ski slope roof with architectural significance and a rooftop pool bar with views of the majestic Trojena mountains. Additionally, the hotel will have an eight-story vertical core. This vertical core will feature microclimates and immersive art experiences that will highlight the brand's uniqueness.


The major construction work for the ski village is scheduled to start towards the end of 2022. Although early enabling construction work has already started at Trojena. The town offers luxury retail and dining options in addition to hospitality. It also features residential areas centred around a public plaza. With the mountainsides extending over the village roof, a spectacular ski slope skyline is created that can be utilized all year long by a variety of adventure sports facilities. This whole development is scheduled for completion in 2026.


Trojena will be a renowned tourist destination. It will combine natural and developed environments to provide both locals and visitors with distinctive human-centric experiences. Six unique development districts will be housed in the location. Each of these districts will be centred around distinct experiences that combine real and virtual architecture and engineering innovations. This is all with the intent of producing a stand-out experience that also integrates the innovative and forward-thinking designs seen throughout Neom city.

The destination is also situated 50 kilometres from the Gulf of Aqaba shoreline. Equally, it has an area of almost 60 square kilometres with heights ranging from 1,500 meters to 2,600 meters.

So Trojena provides a picturesque and ideal tourist destination with its alpine sports facilities and scenic landscapes alike.

Photo Credit: Neom
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