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Dubai’s upcoming cruise season to bring over 900,000 visitors

Article-Dubai’s upcoming cruise season to bring over 900,000 visitors

Cruise ships parked at Dubai Harbour
With Dubai's position as an increasingly attractive tourist destination prevailing, a strong cruise season lies ahead for the UAE-based city.

The upcoming cruise season, which starts at the end of the month, is anticipated to bring over 900,000 passengers and crew to Dubai.

The TUI Cruise Line's Mein Schiff 6 arrives at the Hamdan bin Mohammed Cruise Terminal at Mina Rashid on the 29th of October. This will launch Dubai's cruise season. Both Mina Rashid and Dubai Harbour Cruise Terminal, which welcomed its inaugural passengers last year, are set to host a significant quantity of cruise lines.

With the ability to simultaneously handle two of the largest cruise ships currently in operation worldwide, Dubai Harbour is the largest standalone dedicated twin cruise terminal harbour in the region.

The cruise sector was essential in establishing the Dubai emirate's reputation as a major international travel destination. This is according to Sheikh Mansoor bin Mohammed, head of the Dubai Border Security Council.


Some of the largest cruise ships in the world can dock in Dubai thanks to its strong port infrastructure and cutting-edge terminal amenities. This supports the city's position as one of the most technologically sophisticated cruise destinations in the world and a major entry point for both regional and international cruise routes.

The remarkable maritime infrastructure of Dubai and the accessibility of some of the most amazing tourist destinations in the world are the main drivers of the anticipated growth in cruise ships and passengers visiting the city's coasts this season.


98 cruise ships made stops in the emirate in 2021–2022, carrying 338,697 passengers and crew in total.

In keeping with the leadership's goal of making Dubai the most in-demand tourism destination in the world, Dubai continues to maintain a steady path to strengthen its position as the region's top cruise destination.

Heavy investment in tourism infrastructure and Dubai’s hospitality industry is notable here. But equally, tourists are increasingly willing to spend more money for a private and secluded experience. This is something that Dubai also caters to in abundance.

Dubai port will work with its partners to encourage cruise travellers to experience the destination's numerous offers, notably its appealing winter sun. Dubai’s hospitality industry will therefore look to capitalize upon this. This is given that the top luxury liners in the world will be visiting Dubai during the upcoming cruise season. Dubai’s hospitality industry is overall in a strong position to capitalize upon this demand.

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