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Healthcare investment: How AI and robotics can increase investment efficiency by 20%

Article-Healthcare investment: How AI and robotics can increase investment efficiency by 20%

Healthcare Investment Technology
Lives in developing countries can be extended by 9 years if 5% more GDP is invested in healthcare systems, says FII institute

Riyadh – A new global healthcare study published by the Future Investment Initiative Institute (FII-I), the not-for-profit global foundation that powers the annual Future Investment Initiative conference, revealed two critical findings:

  • An additional 5% of GDP invested in the healthcare systems of developing countries could lead to an additional 9 years of healthy life expectancy.
  • Integrating AI and robotics into existing healthcare systems could increase the efficiency of healthcare investment by up to 20%.

The research is part of the institute’s third Impact series report titled Health Equity: A Moral Imperative, which has been published ahead of the fourth edition of FII on 27-28 January 2021.

FII Institute's global healthcare study includes a global ranking of healthcare systems, based on the efficacy of their structures, processes, and most importantly, outcomes. The ranking was based on the Donabedian model, with additional correlation analyses conducted in order to identify performance drivers and recommendations.

The study will be repeated and expanded on an annual basis. For the first edition, FII Institute has focused on 35 countries, with representatives from every continent and a variety of development levels.

The report discusses how much technology and innovation is already available that can extend a healthy lifespan, increase global productivity and improve quality of life, raising the question: what is keeping humanity from embracing transformative change?

Academics, healthcare officials, and innovators from all over the world share their insights in the Impact report, including; Professor Agnes Binagwaho, M.D., Ph.D., Rwanda's former health minister and Vice Chancellor of the University of Global Health Equity; Bertalan Meskó, Ph.D., The Medical Futurist; Rachel Dunscombe, CEO of the NHS Digital Academy; and Walter Willett, M.D., Dr. P.H., Professor of Epidemiology and Nutrition at the T.H. Chan School of Public Health at Harvard University.

 “I have no doubt that digital health can finally bring healthcare into the 21st century,” says Dr. Meskó, the Medical Futurist.

The report also highlights “Call to Impact” points across several topics, including concrete recommendations for governments, healthcare officials, as well as the general public.

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