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Women in Real Estate

Four key considerations for women pursuing a career in MENA's real estate sector

Article-Four key considerations for women pursuing a career in MENA's real estate sector

Women career in real estate
Thinking about a career in the real estate sector? CityscapeWIRE sheds light on the importance of joining a network of peers and mentors, and designing for the future in a changing world.

1. Grow your network: It’s a phrase touted almost everywhere you look but this old gem holds true, more so in our digital age where a contact is only a click away: grow your network! Online networks for the real estate sector (along with its various sub-categories) are vast and essential, so identify your passion, be it within brokerage, data transparency, the built-environment, and latch onto a network of peers. Be vocal, ask questions, find out about physical networking events and identify the right people within the industry to help you grow.

Dounia Fadi Managing Director at eXp Dubai puts it best: “Educate yourself and associate yourself with the right people to be able to succeed.”

Not sure where to start? Join the CityscapeWIRE group on LinkedIn.

2. Understand the value of mentors: The adage: experience is the teacher of life is nothing short of an apt statement for understanding why mentors are indispensable. While networking with your peers is essential to your growth, identifying mentors to teach, guide and counsel you in your real estate journey will only help you develop into a sound and versatile professional. Begin by seeking out experienced members of the industry you admire and aspire to be like through your networks.

Check out CityscapeWIRE’s advisory board with seasoned professionals who are dedicated to mentorship. CityscapeWIRE is currently working towards a specialised mentorship programme.

3. Gain insight: Knowledge in the industry should not be undervalued. Make a habit out of reading reports, listening to podcasts from industry specialists, and continually watch out for local and global trends in the real estate sector. Follow leading researchers in the industry to stay ahead of the curve and engage in data critically. Advocate for data and transparency, Lynette Sacchetto, Director of Data & Digital Transformation for Allsopp & Allsopp Group, is a firm believer in the power of information and data. Check out a few of their reports to stay updated on industry trends.

4. Be part of a changing world: For aspiring architects and designers, professionals note that when thinking about a career in the industry it is important to understand that they are building for a changing world. Architect and senior associate, Christine Espinosa-Erlanda at Godwin Austen Johnson agrees. Her responsibility lies in designing and constructing work of value for posterity.

Aya Nafi, architect, engineer and urban planner at Jacobs, Qatar, believes that the sector has vast and limitless potential for young aspiring architects and designers who want to be part of a changing and sustainable world.



Expand your network, enhance your skills, find mentorship, gain confidence and contribute to the women making their mark in the region.

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