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4th generation cities: The promising future of Egypt real estate

Article-4th generation cities: The promising future of Egypt real estate

new sohag
Egypt's 4th generation cities will transform the Egyptian property market into a sustainable and innovative hub. Here's why and how they are the future.

Egypt is emerging as a hub for sustainable smart living. This is due to the country's plans involving the development of new 4th generation cities. These cities are part of Egypt's Vision 2030, intending to diversify the economy. They are also helping attract foreign capital, along with boosting the economy and population growth. So, let’s look at some of the planned or under-construction new 4th-generation smart cities and what they offer.


Upper Egypt’s New Sohag is currently under development. This city will create an economic hub with innovative infrastructure and advanced facilities.

An extensive medical city will serve the local population and attract medical tourism. The medical city will contain various healthcare facilities. These include hospitals, clinics, research institutes, and medical universities. High-tech sectors within the industrial zone include electronics, pharmaceuticals, and renewable energy.


The focus of New Alamein is on luxury living and leading entertainment. This will embrace the stunning landscape and help develop the city into a tourism hotspot.

New Alamein will cover an area of 50,000 acres along the Mediterranean coast. This will make the city one of Egypt’s largest. Also, the city is being divided into several districts. These include a central park, a downtown centre, and residential and commercial districts.

A high-speed train will link New Alamein to Cairo and other Egyptian cities. This is part of the city's innovative transportation infrastructure. The city will also have a smart traffic system, which will help reduce congestion and enhance road safety.


New Mansoura is being developed in the Nile Delta region. The city will include a range of facilities and services. These consist of a central business district, open areas, and cultural and recreational facilities. The city is also introducing many new educational facilities. This includes a university campus, providing locals with quality education.

Also, the city is being planned as a centre for innovation and technology. This will have an emphasis on sustainable development and renewable energy.


Salam City’s strategic location near the mouth of the Suez Canal makes it a desirable place for investment and trade. The city will contain various industrial zones. These include a logistics centre, a manufacturing hub, and a zone for renewable energy. All these help attract both local and international investors.

There are plans for many residential areas, commercial areas, and public places throughout the city too. All these have the intention of offering people a high quality of life. Salam City's key focus is on sustainability, with a focus on lowering its carbon footprint and promoting eco-friendly living. To restrict traffic and air pollution, the city will include green areas, bike lanes, and public transport systems.


The 3000-acre New Luxor will include many tourist attractions, including museums, art galleries, and theatres. A new international airport is also planned.

The city's key emphasis is on conserving and promoting Egypt's rich cultural legacy. Included in this is the Grand Egyptian Museum, which will open very soon in 2023. As one of the biggest museums in the world, it will display artefacts and relics from ancient Egypt.

The city will also have several luxury hotels, resorts, and residential areas. These are all focused on attracting tourists while offering high-class living. New Luxor will also have modern infrastructure with an aim of creating a connected and accessible city. This will include new roads, bridges, and public transport.


New 4th generation cities are providing many great opportunities. They offer an attractive investment opportunity, with a focus on sustainable development, advanced technology, and modern infrastructure.

As Egypt's government invests in these cities and implements its smart city blueprint, there is strong growth potential in Egypt’s real estate market. So, with the country's Vision 2030 providing a clear roadmap for the future, Egypt is in a strong position. This will help transform the country into a leader in sustainable urban development in the MENA region.


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