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PWC’s top 5 markets to watch in Asia Pacific in 2020

Article-PWC’s top 5 markets to watch in Asia Pacific in 2020

From Singapore to Melbourne, PWC ranks Asia Pacific’s top five markets to invest in for 2020

  1. Singapore: It’s no surprise that Singapore tops the list. The sovereign island city-state Singapore has put all its economic efforts into attracting foreign direct investments (FDIs) and creating a suitable trade environment over the last decade. With confidence returning to the market, sentiment for Singaporean assets has rebounded from its 2017 lows as foreign investors lead the charge.
  1. Tokyo: For years, Tokyo markets have offered some of the best returns. The country’s handling of the COVID storm has been commended and with domestic interest rates remaining at rock-bottom, investors will continue to flock. Although PWC warns, competition is fierce from local buyers.
  1. Ho Chi Minh City: With manufacturers migrating to set up factories as an alternative to China, Vietnam has quickly emerged as the preferred emerging market destination in Asia.
  1. Sydney: A liquid, stable, high-return market with low vacancies and good prospects for growth going forward. Sydney continues to deliver. Wondering about the depressed valuation? PWC says that the depressed valuation of the Australian dollar only adds to the appeal.
  1. Melbourne: Rounding off PWC’s list of top five markets to watch in Asia Pacific in 2020 is Melbourne.  The coastal city continues to be popular with investors for the same reasons as Sydney. For PWC, office assets are a little more than half the price, though, giving the city particular appeal for Asian buyers who are looking for long term capital appreciation.
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