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The office of the future is being ‘reimagined’

Article-The office of the future is being ‘reimagined’

Companies in the Middle East and around the world are questioning the purpose of physical office space and are having to ‘reimagine’ the future of work, according to global property consultant JLL.

The outbreak of COVID-19 has heavily impacted work and office life, therefore accelerating the pace of workplace transformation all over the world. A JLL survey of more than 3,000 employees working in multi-national companies across the globe found that the three key imperatives for post-pandemic offices include working remotely, rethinking the offices as a social hub, and providing highly personalised human experiences.

In a post-COVID era, some key considerations and areas of focus have emerged as part of developing an employee-centric workplace strategy, including:


The future of the office will be a hybrid model, making the best out of each world: The office will become an extension of our lives, a place where employees can socialise, connect and learn. The new model must harness the emotional, digital, and physical dimensions. This mix will have to be built in consideration with the culture of each company and trends within its industry. It will require an in-depth understanding of a company’s talent profiles and expectations. It will also depend largely on the extent to which each role can be carried out remotely.


The pandemic has forced companies to adopt new technologies at a faster rate. Hence, being digitally integrated as a company and developing smart solutions is more relevant than any other time, enabling employees to connect anywhere at any time. Planning spaces with technology in mind, and selecting solutions that support tasks, processes, and teams is a crucial aspect of developing a technology-enabled workplace.


As corporates adjust to a new normal which is set to involve flexibility and agility, they must find ways to ensure their people continue to be engaged, motivated, and inspired. By conducting a Workplace Strategy assessment a company’s mobility profiles can be assessed and re-aligned with future business goals. By analysing the workforce, space and asset requirements, organisations can begin to identify the wider environment in which employees are the most innovative and productive.


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