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Egypt set to transfer power from Cairo to new mega city in 2021

Article-Egypt set to transfer power from Cairo to new mega city in 2021

The Egyptian government has announced that it expects 50,000 employees to move to its New Administrative Capital this year

Egypt’s six-year project to build its new government headquarters – an area 45km east of Cairo called the New Administrative Capital – will soon be finished, according to reports.


Commenting on the new megacity, which is set on 714 square kilometres of land, Major General Ahmed Zaki Abdeen – who is a chairman of the New Administrative Capital company –  said that he hoped the new government hub would become the “capital of the Middle East.”

All of the country’s government ministries (including around 50,000 employees) will move to the new capital, in a three-month transfer scheme which will include several training programmes.

Although a timeframe for the transition has not yet been given, it is believed that the country’s president, Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, will relocate to the New Administrative Capital in June.

Also on the list to move are 119 government agencies, including multiple ministry headquarters, the Cabinet’s headquarters, the House of Representative's headquarters, and the Senate.

As part of the development, there are also 20 new residential neighbourhoods at the new Capital, which can house up to 6.5 million people.

New Administrative Capital


The project is designed to relieve overcrowding in Egypt’s capital city, Cairo, and also boost the country’s economy. To attract investors, the Capital is also built with smart technology throughout.

For those living and working in the city, there will be a unified main card, which can be used to enter the Capital and also to buy products, services and be used on transport – removing the need for cash.

The new Capital is set to have some of the most stringent security in the whole of Egypt too, with a security network on-site, along with a quick-acting system which means that accidents and fires if they arise can be dealt with rapidly.


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